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The closer we get to the draft, the more I just really don't care who we pick any more

PK Manley

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Yep.  Last year I was all in on Beasley and glad we landed him.  This year, I have faves but just ain't so sold on anyone that I'd be terribly upset with anyone we picked...obviously I'd be bothered if we seriously overdrafted or got a RB or something but other than that I am turning the keys over to the coach this year.  It's his team and he will either show me he really is the coach I think he is or AB might want to have someone else lead the team into the new dome.

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3 hours ago, *NiteFalcon* said:

im not confident in any players this draft

this is why I want Doctson. Dude's a playmaker & would make our O unstoppable.

1 hour ago, FalconsInstitutionalSize said:

kind of feels like the year we drafted Roddy white

Coincidence? ...I think not! ;)

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This has  probably been the least engaged I've been in an offseason is years. I don't even have any late round picks I'm crossing my fingers for. Usually I'm reading every mock draft, reading scouting reports. I haven't logged into ESPN, SI, or any other sports site in over a month. 

I think the 5-0, then collapse just sucked all the wind out of any excitement. I'm just going to go into the 2016 season hoping we look half way respectable.  

That saidm I have played a lot more guitar this year. It's probably a good thing for my stress level. 

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