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Falcons in on Norman


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4 minutes ago, Atlfalcons08 said:

If we are actually in on Norman, I don't understand it. We have to pay Trufant next year, and also Alford if we choose to. Wouldn't make sense to sign Norman.

One year prove it revenge deal so he can hit the open market next offseason would be the only thing that makes sense.

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2 minutes ago, Bobby.Digital said:

Normans a better scheme fit than TRU. Quinn likes his long corners. Mabey they want to sign Norman and then trade Tru? Who knows. 

I'd hate that. I hope this is just Quinn n crew being dedicated to trying to improve the team as much as they can.

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If we sign him, I doubt we keep Alford. I'm sure he's going to be asking for alot as well. Other teams would gladly take Rocky. He is a good corner. 

Just doesn't make alot of sense cap wise but we would be in top 10 in turnovers and probably top 5 in pass D. Makes sense Madden wise for sure.

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3 minutes ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:

He could make more @ the start of free agency.

And ATL is close to Charolette where he wasn't planning on moving away from a week ago.

That doesn't make any sense. So he is going to walk away from a huge pay day to sign a one year deal because ATL is close to Charlotte? If that's the case he would have just taken the Franchise tag from the Panthers at 14 mil. Hes 28 years old - he wants a long term deal.

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