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What I would do with the 5 picks.


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1.) Floyd, Leonard OLB 6'6" 244 Georgia

We are lucky he has made it this far and we are lucky to not only get the best pass rusher in the draft and a versatile player that can disrupt. We also get Beasley's main back-up. If Quinn can not figure out how to use these 2 effectively we need a new DC.



2.) Bullard, JonathanDT6'3"285Florida

Bullard is another versatile piece that can play any position on the line including 1 gap in a penetrating attacking front. Not to mention a excellent run defender.


3.) Killebrew, Miles SS 6'2" 217 Southern Utah

Killebrew is a interesting prospect in the he can be a box safety to start but has the ability to be a every down  player.


3.) Thuney, Joe OG 6'5" 304 N.C. State

Thuney is a excellent scheme fit that has played all Oline positions at NC state. He also pretty much shut Lawson down in their game. He has the tools to be a starter for us and a good one.


7.) Feeney, Travis OLB 6'4" 230 Washington

Another versatile player that can play box safety and weak side backer. He should be able to make the roster on special teams and run supporting safety. He has loads of athletic ability but needs clear direction and to find his niche.






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On 4/21/2016 at 5:49 AM, Smiler11 said:

This is probably the best one I have seen, although I'm dubious that they will all be there. Travis Feeney is one of my favorite players in the entire draft.

Well I am hoping we can get a pick in the 5th or 6th to land Feeney which is where most think he will go. I'm with you on Feeney he was my most underrated prospect when I think of him in the 4th round. I'm back and 4th between Killebrew and Simmons in the 3rd because I see Feeney playing some box safety here.

Bullard will go sometime around our pick in the 2nd but you are right there is no guarantee he makes it there but if he does that is one of the best football players in this draft.

Now there is a real concern the Floyd will not make it to us but stranger things have happened and he has said that he would like to be here or something to that effect.

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