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My review/thoughts (as always, from a book reader's perspective, but based on the show only):


I guess I'm used to the walking dead, but I didn't think we would even see Castle Black/Jon, let alone start the episode there.  I don't know why, but I didn't even anticipate the conflict between the few brothers still loyal to Jon and the rest of the NW, that was an interesting dynamic, and shakes up how I've thought things would unfold at the wall.  I've always assumed Mel would resurrect Jon, though it likely wouldn't be until the end of this season, or more likely the start of the next.  However, depending on how quickly Edd gets back with Wildlings, and how a mini-battle plays out, they might not even escape with Jon's body and/or Mel.  That brings a few interesting scenarios up - if the Wildlings attack, is it just enough to free Edd, Davos & Co., or could they launch an all out attack on the NW and basically defeat them, leaving only the Wall itself in between the White Walkers' army and Westeros?  Based on the scene between Jon and the Night's King in the Hardhome episode last season, I have a feeling they'll meet again. 

Sansa/Reek/Brienne/Pod - this sequence was really well done.  You can argue the rescue should have been visible from a mile away, but I had a genuine sense of dread and hopelessness when Ramsay's men found Sansa and Reek, and it was a great rescue scene, followed by a heartfelt moment between two of the show's more misunderstood characters.  Also, the adventures of Pod and Reek!  Assuming they head north towards the Wall, I'm assuming they meet up with possibly Davos, or Osha and Rickon.

Dorne - didn't see that coming.  As two dimensional as the show made Dorne, I'm glad they just went ahead and killed Doran, Hotah, and Trystane in a shocking, and almost cartoonish manner.  Ellaria is now free to launch an attack on Kings Landing.  We'll see how that plays out.

Kings Landing - more of a slow burn plot, we'll see what Cersei and Jamie do, and how things shake out with Margaery and Loras. 

Mehreen - the peasant thinking Tyrion wanted to pay her to eat her baby was great.  Not sure what will happen the rest of the season there, the Sons of Harpy will surely continue to cause problems, and the Red/Fire religion is beginning to take hold.  Also, there went Dany's fleet to sail back to Westeros. 

Dany/Dothraki - I liked the scene about seeing women naked.  It wasn't any dumber than one of the sand snakes telling Bronn he needs a bad ***** last season.  I eye-rolled so hard at that line I thought I was warging into my Boston Terrier, Waylon.  Of interest from that scene is that we know they intend to take Dany to Vaes Dothrak to live out her days with the widows of other Khals.  I'd have to look at the map again, but I'm pretty sure that's in the opposite direction from Mehreen, but I can't recall how far away it is from Westeros.  Still a ways away, Viserys was pissed when they went there in season 1.  Jorah is going to infect someone, or a group, at some point. 

Back to the Wall, Mel - I disagree that Mel is a "phony."  She clearly has magical powers, I think what we've seen is her visions aren't as accurate as she once thought they were.  I think she's got some doubts about her abilities, which was the point of that scene, part of it at least.  She's vulnerable right now. 

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