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Saudi Response to 9/11 Bill


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I read the article about the Saudi's warning us they'll sell off their US assets if we pass the bill.  At first I thought, obviously they have an unhealthy amount of concern because of their involvement.  That made me think, we should pass this bill as fast as possible.  I don't care if they get their money out of our economy/market.  They should pay for whatever negligence or role they had in destroying American lives.  

Then I thought about the role our government has played in the civilian lives lost in the Middle East, South and Central America, the entire continent of Africa, and several countries in Asia over the past several decades.  So, should the citizens in those countries be able to sue our government?  

The first scenario and my opinion of it was completely driven by emotion, not logic.  Emotionally, of course I want the Saudi's to pay for those acts of terrorism when the terrorists were Saudi born.  But what my emotion wants is not always the right thing, and that is how Pandora's box gets opened.  In order to think about it logically, I need to think through scenarios that do not tie to my personal emotion and if other governments were considering opening up the same law.  Should citizens in other countries be able to sue other governments that have negatively impacted their lives, individually?


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