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NFL Draft Weekends ... Miss them so much

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I have many fond memories of throwing Draft Parties on Draft "Weekend". I had TVs inside, and outside on the Deck, and Garage all w/ NFLNetwork, and one on ESPN to see how wrong Mel Kiper was. We had the grill going, a load of them on ice, and good times w/ friends/fans. 

Now with this new format I've missed half of the 1st Round a few times, and completely once. Having  the Draft on a work day is not smart IMO. I know they're wanting  to create buzz on the news, and radio but the Fans are paying the cost by not being able to watch the Draft. 

The Draft used to be an Event I looked forward to, now it's not able to be because it's not on the weekend when everyone is off work. 



Sorry just a rant. How many people wish the Draft would go back to Saturday, and Sunday? 

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Me and two of my buddies would grab our sons and take them up to Ellijay Mtn. house for draft weekend getaway.   No offense, but none of our wives were into the draft and I get interrupted with other "stuff" on Thursday and Friday nights.  By the time the 4th round rolls aound now on Saturday - all of the draft intrigue is mostly gone.  Besides the draft we had pool, ping pong, disco hot tub, etc (ok, this part would be better with women - lol).

The new draft format took my Mtn escape draft weekends away - and it pizzes me off!!!!!!

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We would do a pick pool. Everyone did a Mock, whoever had the most correct picks took the pot. We did complete first round, and complete Falcons draft. That made the first round so much fun when your team wasn't picking. 


I missed the Julio trade. Got home about 30 minutes after the trade because of work and traffic. I'm still upset about that. 


We need a Return the Draft to the Weekend Petition 

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More time for commercials == more $$$.

I guess teams like having nights in between the early rounds to reset draft boards and discuss and find trades too.

But since I don't get any of that money and am not a GM (spoiler alert), I agree it sucks. Most fans can't name many players left by the 4-7 rounds.  I go do the "stuff" mentioned and just read up about whomever we end up taking after the 3rd round.



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I loved the old format and would camp in front of my computer for the Saturday and Sunday watching the live feeds from the NFL and ESPN websites. It was one of the great events in the NFL calendar.

These days, the picks don't start until gone midnight UK time on days 1 & 2 and I am not taking time off work and staying up until 3am just to see who we pick.

I find it hard to believe that they get more viewers on Thursday, Friday & Saturday stateside than they would having the draft on the weekend. At a time when they are trying to globalise the game, it would make sense to draft at a time when it is convenient for the largest numbers of people to see it, which was the case with the previous format.

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