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Will Trader Thomas strike again?

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2011. TD trades up for Julio

2013. TD trades up for Trufant

2014. TD has trade in place to go up to #3 for Jake Matthews. Also wanted to trade back into the first for Dee Ford r Ryan Shazier

2015. TD said Vic was his guy all along. I feel as though we would have traded up if he wasn't going to fall to us

It is very clear that the Falcon's draft strategy in the past is to go after the guy they really covet. We worked out Myles Jack and he is such a great fit and his old coach is even on our staff. I know most here would be completely against trading up, but based on our history, if we are in love with him or another player that will go before 17, I feel like we could be at least looking to move up

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3 minutes ago, AtlantaFanatic said:

I understand the premise but why include 2 years that he did NOT trade up and then say "well he would have" based on pure speculation. I know there were rumors about him trading up to get Jake but it didn't happen so why include it?

Because I think it was confirmed with Jake. Plus it illustrates that he gets tunnel vision for a prospect

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