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Mock 3.0. Last one with no trades


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This mock, which is my final one, is done without trades. The Falcons have only 5 picks, so the picks have to be impact. Like my previous one (with trade), I just see a lot of “non-glamorous” pics and emphasis on obtaining LB and DL (either edge or interior). But without trading down, I’m not sure an OL is in the cards in the first.

I’m straight up stealing GDawg’s picks before us:

1. L.A. Rams(f/ Tenn) - Carson Wentz, QB - North Dakota State  - Fisher/Snead hoping he is the babe, the golden boy.

2. Cleveland - Jared Goff, QB - California - heck, it would not surprise me if Browns are not even upset.  heard they might like Goff more anyway.

3. San Diego - Laremy Tunsil, OT - Ole Miss - the big loser from the trade? Tunsil.  the big winner? Bolts - this is who Chargers would have taken if they had #1 overall

4. Dallas - Jalen Ramsey, CB/S - FSU - the Defensive End spot is probably the bigger need but Ramsey is the bigger talent and Pokes stay true to their board.

5. Jacksonville - Myles Jack, OLB - UCLA - should the knee get flagged on medical re-check, this could be Bosa with a mini-slide down board for Jack.

6. Baltimore - DeForest Buckner, DE - Oregon - Ravens need to bring back some nasty to their defense as GOAT Lewis is retired and T-Sizzle is on his last legs

7. San Francisco - Joey Bosa, DE - Ohio State - 2nd biggest loser in the Rams trade as Bosa slides a little as well.

8. Philadelphia - Ezekiel Elliot, RB - Ohio State - Eagles stay true to the board and have a serious need at RB.

9. Tampa Bay - Ronnie Stanley, OT - Notre Dame - this is simply a value play and Tampa needs to fortify O-Line for Crab-daddy.

10. NY Giants - Vernon Hargreaves, CB - Florida - Giants only have two viable corners  and grab the best one in the draft here. (i know many will disagree here)

11. Chicago Bears - Jarran Reed, DT - Alabama - Bears  looking for runstoppers and are super thin at 3-4 DE. (i know many will disagree here)

12. New Orleans Saints - Sheldon Rankins, DT - Louisville - Saints need help up front and see Rankins as a front-line starter and passrusher

13. Miami Dolphins - William Jackson, CB - Houston - good-sized corner - weakest area on Dolphins team right now.

14. Oakland Raiders - A'Shawn Robinson, DT - Alabama - Raiders like big guys with upside and A'Shawn fits the bill.

15. Tennessee Titans(f/ Rams) - Jack Conklin, OT - Michigan State - prototype nasty offensive tackle that can play either side.  Mariotta has his protection now.

16. Detroit Lions - Taylor Decker, OT Ohio State - Obviously WR is a huge need but there is no value in taking the receivers here as there is no WR worthy of first round.

#17 overall: Leonard Floyd, LB/Edge, UGA 6’6” 245 lbs:

-Floyd is one of those guys that I really didn’t like until I really re-watched some of his games over. He’s incredibly smooth and has great range. With his length and athleticism, I can see why Quinn talked about using him as the Mike backer. If you keep him clean with your big uglies up front he’s a weapon. Also from the inside position, he’s more of an elite pass rusher than from the edge.

-But I also think he’s a movable piece. You can just as easily place him on the edge in situations. I like him better than Worrilow on the inside.

-Considering we play guys like Greg Olson and even Mike Evans that feast over the middle, having a rangy long guy to cover is a bonus

-Alternate pic is Reggie Ragland.

2nd Round: Keanu Neal, S UF 6’0” 211 lbs

-Just a nasty and vicious hitter. He’s a tone setter. Played both safety spots at UF. In ours he’s a SS. I actually like the idea of Allen pairing up with Neal. I think Therezie might have a future as well, still. But suddenly with the Neal addition we’re looking good in the backend

3rd Round: - Deion Jones OLB, LSU 6’1” 222 lbs

-Speed, Speed and more speed. Perfect WLB in our system. He flies all over the field and has great coverage ability. Some say that he could be a SS and that’s possible, but I think he’s a very versatile and athletic piece for our defense.

-We have Spoon for a year, but we know how healthy he’s been. Might see Deion on sub-packages initially and STs, but I think he can unseat Spoon and certainly is more of a long-term option

4TH Bronson Kaufusi DL, BYU 6’6” 285

--Just a high effort bullish player. They tried him at OLB which was a disaster. He is, however, a nice base DE that can move inside. Not a bender, and probably not a 10+ sack guy, but I think that he could be effective in Smith/Quinn scheme. Holds the edge very well

7th Round Tyrone Holmes OLB/DE Montana 6’2” 253 lbs

-Athletic undersized pass rusher. He’s a scheme fit kind of guy. Be an interesting flier with our last pick.

With this few picks, barring a trade down, I see us rolling into season with what we have at G. Plus Mack will make any G better. No TE in my opinion is worth a pick. We’re pretty good on WRs with Sanu addition and Hardy emerging last year. IMO makes sense to spend these picks infusing speed and athleticism into the defensive side.


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2 minutes ago, Crazy Trav said:

I think this mock may be my favorite. I'm actually on the Darron Lee train but would not be mad at all if this happens. 

Thank you:) If we end up with Lee, I would be just as happy. I like Floyd the more I watch him. At first reading Quinn talking about him inside was silly sounding. But the more I watch and think on it, the more I could see him roaming that middle.

We grab Lee, i'd take Jones off my board and probably get an interior DL or edge rusher

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1 minute ago, Slappywhite said:

The speed of Deion Jones for coverage purposes would allow us to bring in the thumper Ragland at #17. LB corps upgraded tremendously.   But its his mock and I respect all his choices .

So teams can just throw it at Ragland? Jones can't cover his and Ragland's zone.

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1 hour ago, FAN_O_THE_ATL said:

I really like this draft. Some of my favorite players at key positions of need. This draft really improves our defensive talent. I doubt we will go all defense, but if we did the first four picks especially would be hard to argue with. 

Thanks. You make a good point, as I was looking at the Falcons' needs you definitely see areas on offense that you can upgrade. But this draft in terms of TE, WR and OL really fall off in terms of talent after the second round. I mean it's not a bad draft class, but a lot of mid round type offensive guys with very few impact guys. Example is TE, after Hunter what do you have? Some good offensive tackles that could be had at #17, who could also be G.


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2 hours ago, jeffro2000 said:

I would love that draft. The only complaint is no OG but I like the 1st 4 picks. That would be a nice infusion of talent on D to go with what we are slowly building 

Thanks. I really don't see us pulling the trigger on a G or T (if Schraeder leaves) unless we trade down and get more picks. Maybe a T if Conklin fell. But with so few picks the defensive side of the ball is definitely better in the first 4 rounds. I'd really love us to trade down and pick up a 2nd and a 4th...that would be great

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12 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

Not bad MSalmon I'm on the Lee Neal train aswell I also think you've missed a trick at G/T as they seem to be looking at a few of them I'd add one of those and drop the Jones pick myself but good effort regardless.

Thank you, bro. They're looking at G/Ts but it seems to be either 1st rounders or 7th/FA types. A weird mixture tbh. So i'm thinking unless they grab a seriously talented prospect who falls to 17 or they trade down, I don't see a G/T that early. Which kinda makes sense as the talent drop off is very noticeable from the few top tier guys to the rest of the pack.Good news is there are good OT/Gs available in late rounds and even FA that could be developed at least from a depth perspective.

Plus, I think the addition of Mack is gonna be huge. Any G on either side looks 10x better with him anchoring the middle

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