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Our offense is gonna keep us in games this year. Our defense has multiple holes in the 2nd and 3rd levels. I can see 7-9. I can see 5-11. 10 wins is also possible. It all depends on how fast we can get the new additions playing the way Quinn wants. We are 1 injury away at every position on offense except for rb from having a huge collapse. It's also April, alot can happen.

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28 minutes ago, JOEinPHX said:

The whole NFCS is up against it with this year's schedule.  If the other three teams can force Carolina to take a step back the division is up for grabs and the regular season record won't matter.

And they were talking about the NFCW having the same issue, the AFC East having the same issue. I think the league is really well balanced right now. Unless you're in the AFCS, you're typically up against it. 

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1 hour ago, kiwifalcon said:

Argh stuff it 1-15,2-14 tank it Fire em all.

Start again draft DeShaun Watson.

Trade Ryan and Julio burn it down.


On your comment, you strip your fanbase, lose relevancy by lack of marquee games, lose players that are IN THEIR PRIME, then you would have to wait anywhere from 2-5 years to get the Falcons back to prominence and relevancy because of the strippings. Also you would be admitting that 1998(SB run[tired of reminiscing that year pining for Dan Reeves who NEVER WON A SB! {0-4}]) is their pinnacle and not a stepping stone!! That's not business, that's punishment. LOL!

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2 hours ago, QuantumZebra said:

Peyton Manning just won a SB at **** near 40 and so did Brady - we have plenty of time to build up Ryan's team - just be thankful we have a franchise QB, top WR, and top flight CB/DE on our team to build on.


Going 7-9 wouldn't even be bad.

I would not deem Beasley as top flight just yet

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Nah, Vaughn just trolling for hits. I think the worst will go is 9-7, definitely don't see us getting worse than last year. Teams upgraded at a few positions, plus another year in the system and Matty Ice finally doing things his way it seems, will be alright. Not to mention we likely get two new starters AT LEAST in this draft... 10-6 is my final prediction though, worse case 9-7, best case 12-4

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I'm gonna go back and look at this schedule again, 'cause I swear I didn't see but about 5 or 6 wins. 
It's the schedule from HeII!!!  I mean, seriously, where do our wins come from?  I think for us to win more than 6 games, we'll have to play out of our minds, and hope that the Football Gods smile down on us --- a LOT!!!



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