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Darian Thompson.


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Guys, I suggest everyone take a look at Darian Thompson. I'm not a huge Highlight video watcher, I try watching full games on Draftbreakdown.com..and I watched the four from 2015 on Darian Thompson..and they look like highlight tape. The guy is a well rounded safety. I originally was on the Cravens/Cash train. However, I feel they translate better to LB in the NFL. I think Cravens COULD play safety, but Cash should definitely play LB. I also like Keanu Neal. He is the head hunting tough safety Quinn covets, same with Joseph. 


But I tell ya...I just recently started looking at Thompson, yesterday and he surprised me, A LOT. He really should be considered a top safety in this class. Check out his tape from Draftbreakdown. You won't be disappointed.

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Granted, I have not watched a lot on all of the safeties in this draft but I've seen at least a little bit from most of them; this includes a mix of draftbreakdown.com and youtube highlights.

I must say, Darian Thompson is probably my favorite safety. Karl Joseph right behind Thompson.
I'm glad you made a thread for him because I think he should be discussed more. 

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