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One of the drafts best kept secrets.


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2 hours ago, KCartledge85 said:

If available in the 4th, he looks quite quick.

If he knows how to run routes, could be a steal.

Running routes is probably what he is best at. Would like to have him but not sure how he fits here in this offense. Still just posted it because the guy is a fun to watch play.

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We have Julio and Sanu.  We don't know beyond that (and aren't sure about Sanu)

Hopefully Hardy steps up.

We still have room (and need) for a quick slot guy AND a tall possession guy (either one being speedy).

I'd lean toward a tall guy this year, but wouldn't hurt my feelings to get a YAC guy.

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I do agree that this type of quickness is rare.  It's clear he has excellent hands too.  The only knock on him is his size.

But he seems like a tough mofo.  His field vision is remarkable.  In space, his is nearly impossible to tackle cleanly if at all.

I'd draft this guy in the 4th.  He's someone who would get playing time in many areas.  Things get sketchy with round 4 players getting playtime.  

But with this guy, I could see him getting playtime in many capacities.  Return game being a dire need for us. 4 WR sets too.  I can also see him in the backfield at times.  Reverses etc..  

TBH, if the Pats selected this guy, it would be an incredible thing to watch.  I mean this guy could legitimately become the next Harvin, Welker, Cruz, Cobb or Amendola.  

Some of the times the guy was stopped was only when his own guy accidentally banged into him.  Looking at that film, guys were literally falling down and running into each other in desperation.  LOL, fun to watch that type of COD and suddenness.

I stopped counting while approaching 30, the number of guys who hit the ground trying to tackle Braverman.  

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15 hours ago, Sobeit said:

Do not be surprised when this guy is grabbing 80 balls a season working the slot for the Pats. He is just fun to watch. If you can find the WMU Ohio State game what he did to that defense was obscene.



Line this guy up as a half back in shotgun 

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10 hours ago, clownorg said:

Where's he projected to go?


And I would absolutely hate to see this kid go to the Pats

Originally he did not get any attention and did not get invited to the combine. Teams were hoping to grab him in the 7th but word is getting around a bit since like 8 teams have paid him a visit. Probably 4th to 5th. He will be a steal for a lot of teams he will be a day one contributor with a ton of upside.

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