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RTG Mock Draft 2016


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With the 17th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons select...

Su'a Cravens S/OLB USC



Why this pick?

We can't take the chance at waiting til pick 50 for Cravens.  He fills a huge need for the defense. If you want to call it the Kam Chancellor role, than fine, but we need the dynamic playmaker on the field.  He gives us the flexibility to use him at OLB and Safety.  He can rush the passer as well as play coverage.  Playmakers like Cravens will be a Falcons favorite for a long time.


Reggie Ragland

Andrew Billings


With the 50th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons select...

Jerald Hawkins OG/OT LSU



At 6 foot 6 309 pounds, Hawkins was one of the dominant Tackles for LSU.  The reason for this pick is simply because our offensive line is still a question mark.  There is a lot of love for Schreader, but what will happen to him after this year?  What happens to the RG position?

Hawkins at least gives us the option to put him on the right side of the line for years to come.



With the 81st pick of the 2016 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons select...

Karl Jospeh SS West Virginia


The fast and hard hitting safety provides the Falcons a new toughness to the defense.  Even though he has the injury concern from last year, he won't be forced to start right away.  We do have Robinson and Allen at the Safety spots.  This is a man Quinn could build to be the next great safety for the Falcons.



With the 115th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons select...

Alex McCalister DE/OLB Florida


The long pass rusher out of Florida gives us a pass rusher to build for the future.  He has tenacity and urgency in his game.  If the goal is to make Vic Beasley into a Von Miller like player, then why not bring in the long arms of McCalister to play a similar role of Demarcus Ware.  This is the type of guy you could line up any where on passing situations and he will be effective.  


With the 241st pick of the 2016 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons select...

Eric Mac Lain OG Clemson




The big man from Clemson is the diamond in the rough of this draft.  The captain of Clemson to lead them to the National Championship game, jumped off the screen for me when I watched him that game.  He could be a Josh Sitton type of player.  He gives us the LG of the future and or RG but most importantly, good talent on the offensive line.  


UDFA Priority Pick

Trevone Boykin QB TCU


While Boykin had a great career at TCU, his bad decisions before the bowl game didn't help his draft stock.  I want to draft Boykin with a pick, maybe even replace Mac Lain for Boykin in the 7th, but most of time, QB's such as Boykin go undrafted.  I would be willing to trade down to pick up extra picks on the 3rd day to pick up Boykin, but time will tell. 



LT -  Matthews  /  Harris

LG - Levitre / Mac Lain (open competition)

C -   Mack /  Stone

RG - Hawkins / Person

RT - Schreader / Hawkins / Harris

TE - Toilolo / Tamme (open competition)

WR - Jones / Hardy / Weems

WR - Sanu /  Williams / Hester

QB - Ryan /  Boykin (Boykin will be back up if picked up and remove Schaub) / Schaub 

RB - Freeman / Coleman / Ward 

FB - Dimarco


DE - Clayborn / Shelby / Upshaw 

DT - Jarrett / Mbu

DT - Hageman / Babeniueaux 

LEO - Beasley / McCalister  / Starr 

OLB - Cravens / Wheeler 

ILB -  Weatherspoon / Worrilow / Wheeler  (open competition)

OLB - Reed / Weatherspoon / Wheeler

FS - Allen / Therezie / King (open competition)

SS - Joseph / Ishmael / Godfrey (open competition)

CB - Trufant / Adams / Van Dyke

CB - Alford / Collins (Open Competition)


P - Bosher

K - Graham / Bryant (Open Competition)

PR - Hester

KR -  Weems


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Move Joseph to the second, and if you want to take a guard try to get McGovern in the 3rd, 


OR hope Deion jones is there in the third . We just cannot take another project or ? At #2 


other than that love the combo of sua , Kj, and McCalister you got there. 

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Was going to ask you about Mac Lain actually. I thought you might like him. When people were hyping up A'shawn Robinson earlier a couple of months ago I decided to watch the National Championship game and came away with it asking who the guard was who was winning considerably more battles than he was losing. Need to watch another couple of games but he really impressed me. 


Also, if you mention his name in a complementary tweet then he seems to favourite it. :D

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so then I guess we can just chill with the most disastrous starting MLB position in the NFL. Cool. Oh and we wasted our 2nd rd pick on one of the least athletic offensive linemen in this entire class. That's a great fit, a terrible athlete playing in a scheme that requires its linemen to move a lot on every play. GG m8

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