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LRDG's 2016 Mock

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1) Cody Whitehair OG KSU - After adding Alex Mack, I think it would be smart to add a highly talented prospect to put beside him, and infuse some more talent into this OL. Whitehair is a 4 year starter at KSU, with the last 2 coming at LT. While Whitehair succeeded at LT, some believe he has All-Pro potential. Whitehair is even been getting a lot of Zach Martin comparisons lately, and rightfully so. Whutehair is very technically sound, and will rarely get beat. He is extremely athletic, which is exactly what's needed for the ZBS. I believe the rule changes to the chop block, will require ZBS to rely even more heavy on athletic OL. You will need OL that can get to the second level with ease, and no interior OL prospect in this class exhibits that as well as Cody Whitehair. With 3 potential Pro-Bowl caliber players on the OL already(Matthew, Mack, and Schraeder), adding Whitehair would turn the OL into one of our biggest strengths, which will in turn, improve the play of Freeman, Julio, and especially Ryan. Getting a potential plug and play All-Pro OG, is the exact kind of first round pick this team needs right now.

2) Deion Jones LB LSU - Lately, Deion Jones has turned into my top target for round 2. At his pro day, Jones blazed the tracks with a 4.38 forty. While some players cannot transfer timed speed to football speed, that is not the case for the talented Mr. Jones. Jones plays sideline to sideline with such speed and aggressiveness. He can blanket targets around the LOS, and can also chase a RB 35+ yards downfield. Jones has an underrated motor, and gives his all on every play. He would be the perfect long term WLB for us. Jones was also arguably the top special teams player for LSU, which could be his role here, if he needed to sit behind Spoon until he is ready, or if Spoon gets hurt.

3) Willie Henry DT Michigan - I have not seen many people on here talk about this young man, and that is a **** shame! Henry is a massive man, with branches for arms, and paws as hands. While he steadily increased his production in college, he put it all together this past year, to the tune of 6.5 sacks. He consistently pushes the pocket, causes pressure, and draws double teams. The upside from this young man, is through the roof. I live in Michigan, so I got the pleasure to watch this kid play on a weekly basis. If I had to describe his game in 3 words, they would be: 1) Relentless 2) Dominant 3) Penetration. This guy has All the tools to play any interior DL spot, and I honestly believe his best football is all ahead of him.

4) Kevin Byard SS Mid Tennessee State - Some may know him, a lot of you might not. Let me introduce you to the most underrated Safety in this draft class. Had he went to a big school, we would be talking about him as a surefire 1st round pick. He is a versatile safety, that has had a GREAT deal of success in the box(312 career tackles), but even more success as a single high safety (19 career INTs). Byard is the definition of a playmaker. He wrapped up almost 400 INT return yards in his career, and scored as a return man as well. The ist impressive part of his game, is that he quarterbacks and coordinates his comrades on the defensive side of the ball. He lets everyone know what there assignments are, and made all the pre-snap adjustments for his team when he felt it was needed. Byard has a great blend of athletacism and strength. He would be a great SS for this scheme, given that he is relentless in run support, but also that he just might be the best Safety in this class when it comes to playing the single high safety. I am simply loving the idea of Quinn snagging a Safety prospect with this versatility. Hes not a tweener, he's versatile. 

7) Luke Rhodes LB William & Mary - Not sure if Rhodes will make it this long, but we should jump at the opportunity to grab him, given the chance he falls. Yes got some comparisons to Luke Keuchly, and that's all I need to hear. I researched him, and he's exactly the type of LBer that we need right now. Having Jim be a 7th round pick, he would be an immediate asset to the special teams core, while also potentially jumping Worrilow on the depth chart, with the hopes we sign a vet MLB to patrol the middle of the field.

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As much as I want a defensive first two picks, I honestly don't think I would be mad if we finished solidifying the O-line in this draft with the first pick. I can see the positives in that. But I think we would be missing an opportunity for strengthening the defense even more considering how deep defensively this draft is; especially in LBs/pass rushers: our weakest position. 

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3 minutes ago, Trick Montalban said:

As much as I want a defensive first two picks, I honestly don't think I would be mad if we finished solidifying the O-line in this draft with the first pick. I can see the positives in that. But I think we would be missing an opportunity for strengthening the defense even more considering how deep defensively this draft is; especially in LBs/pass rushers: our weakest position. 

Agreed. Still a very intriguing thought of having 3 very young studs on the line, that would be a very stong foundation...

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I won't dissect this mock, but rather make a comment on Whitehair at 17.

I love Cody Whitehair.  Period.  

But I disagree 100% in taking him that high in the first round.  Unless you drop down considerably in a trade and pick up another selection, then this would be silly.

Now hear me out.  Lets say we were committed to going Oline in the first for the sake of this argument.  There are about 5 other guys rated above Whitehair which would bring more value at the OT/C/G position in the future.  All of which could play at G more than likely for us.  One or two may not be perfect scheme fits but I didn't bother doing that much overall research.

It's just not a prudent move considering our needs on D and the value he brings to us at that particular spot in the draft imo...

Here is a rough idea of a decent value board and which guys might be available before him as the 37th ranked player.

1 *Laremy Tunsil OT 1 Ole Miss Jr 6-5 310 1
2 *Jalen Ramsey FS 1 Florida State Jr 6-1 209 1
3 *Joey Bosa DE 1 Ohio State Jr 6-5 269 1
4 *Myles JackInjured OLB 1 UCLA Jr 6-1 245 1
5 *Jared Goff QB 1 California Jr 6-4 215 1
6 DeForest Buckner DE 2 Oregon Sr 6-7 291 1
7 Carson Wentz QB 2 North Dakota State Sr 6-5 237 1
8 *Ezekiel Elliott RB 1 Ohio State Jr 6-0 225 1
9 *Ronnie Stanley OT 2 Notre Dame rJr 6-6 312 1
10 *Vernon Hargreaves III CB 1 Florida Jr 5-10 204 1
11 *Laquon Treadwell WR 1 Ole Miss Jr 6-2 221 1
12 *Darron Lee OLB 2 Ohio State rSo 6-1 232 1
13 *Shaq Lawson DE 3 Clemson rJr 6-3 269 1
14 Sheldon Rankins DT 1 Louisville Sr 6-1 299 1
15 Reggie Ragland ILB 1 Alabama Sr 6-1 247 1
16 *Eli Apple CB 2 Ohio State rSo 6-1 199 1
17 *A'Shawn Robinson DT 2 Alabama Jr 6-4 307 1
18 *Jack Conklin OT 3 Michigan State rJr 6-6 308 1
19 Jarran Reed DT 3 Alabama Sr 6-3 307 1
20 *Andrew Billings DT 4 Baylor Jr 6-1 311 1
21 *Mackensie Alexander CB 3 Clemson rSo 5-10 190 1
22 Taylor Decker OT 4 Ohio State Sr 6-7 310 1
23 *Corey Coleman WR 2 Baylor rJr 5-11 194 1
24 *Leonard Floyd OLB 3 Georgia rJr 6-6 244 1
25 *Robert Nkemdiche DT 5 Ole Miss Jr 6-3 294 1
26 Ryan Kelly C 1 Alabama rSr 6-4 311 1-2
27 William Jackson III CB 4 Houston Sr 6-0 189 1-2
28 *Will Fuller WR 3 Notre Dame Jr 6-0 186 1-2
29 *Noah Spence DE 4 Eastern Kentucky rJr 6-2 251 1-2
30 *Emmanuel Ogbah DE 5 Oklahoma State rJr 6-4 273 1-2
31 Josh DoctsonInjured WR 4 TCU rSr 6-2 202 1-2
32 *Kevin Dodd DE 6 Clemson rJr 6-5 277 1-2
33 *Paxton Lynch QB 3 Memphis rJr 6-7 244 1-2
34 Jason Spriggs OT 5 Indiana Sr 6-6 301 1-2
35 Vernon Butler DT 6 Louisiana Tech Sr 6-4 323 1-2
36 *Kenny Clark DT 7 UCLA Jr 6-3 314 1-2
37 Cody Whitehair OG 1 Kansas State rSr 6-4 301 1-2
38 *Derrick Henry RB 2 Alabama Jr 6-3 247 1-2
39 Connor Cook QB 4 Michigan State rSr 6-4 217 1-2
40 *Jaylon SmithInjured OLB 4 Notre Dame Jr 6-2 223 1-2
41 Jonathan Bullard DE 7 Florida Sr 6-3 285 2
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11 hours ago, LaurentRobinsonDaGawd said:


Overall it's an outside the box mock and I like it mostly. I think we could get cody in the 2nd. My biggest gripe with this one is Byard, I just don't see any coverage ability in him. Learning to cover is hard but, learning to cover while also adjusting to a speed of the game that seems other-worldly coming from a small school, just seems like to much to expect of him. He might be fine in time but, to my eyes doesn't look like he's contribute any time soon. 

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5 hours ago, Falcons_Frenzy said:

I think they have Person penciled in as the starting guard. Probably a mistake on their part if my hunch is right though. I hope it's a pass rusher but I wouldn't be upset if they went best player available as long as it's a position that's practical with the current roster.

Person can block - he will be a decent starting OG - he just can't snap, call protections, or handle a football in any way.

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