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How Do You Guys Like T.J. Green For Safety?


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I don't know much about him to be honest but he's been getting a lot of buzz lately. After about an hour of research on the guy it's obvious that he's fast and he's got the measurables. Ran a 4.34 40 yard dash and at 6'2 210 with room to fill out these are things I can get excited about. After watching a few of his plays it also seems the kid can lay some wood but has a knack to go for shoulder hits, needs to improve on wrapping up. He's got some impressive coverage skills though, a very versatile safety and an incredibly quick blitzer.

How do you guys like T.J. Green as a potential answer to our safety situation and in what round would you value him?

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Would not like it one bit he has all the athleticism in the world but lacks the 1 thing that makes a safety great imo.  He lacks instincts and intelligence at a high level and misses alot of reads and assignments. 

He not once but twice although one of the times it was him and a CB completely forgot about Howard at TE and let him run right by him for 15+ yards on both Howards TD's which pretty much cost them the national championship.   That wasn't the only game that happened in either as he has made a habit of it at times a Clemson fan friend of mine always complained about this about him to me and said if he could ever get his head right he would be top notch.  Maybe it can be coached into him at the next level but their are alot more Safety prospects i would take over him and wouldn't touch him until the 5th round or later.  Seeing as we don't have a 5th rounder it would have to be a trade down from the 4th to get more picks or taking him in the 7th round if he drops.

Cravens, Cash, Joseph, Neal, Kilbrew, Bell, Thompson, Kearse, and Powell are all guys i would easily take over him right now.

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14 hours ago, Romfal said:

at thast size and speed I like him as a corner, think there are better SS prospects out there

There are but if this guy slips into the 3rd and 4th round I think he could be a steal. As far as a corner goes, I think Daniel Jeremiah mentioned there are a few teams working him out as just that. I think one of the teams he mentioned was Arizona.

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A bit risky and definitely a FS.  Risky for the following reasons.  Good prospect who needs time to develop.  Maybe a 4th or 5th rounder for someone to snatch up and hone from his former WR days...



 Former wide receiver turned safety. Speedster who had a few "walk down" tackles coming from way behind to make tackles on breakaways. Has exciting coverage range potential for defense that asks more of him. Flashes man cover ability with length, speed, and balls skills associated with being a former receiver. Asked to walk down into the box and handle run support duties from time to time. Lightning fast blitzer who can factor off the slot. Patterns his game after Chiefs safety Eric Berry. Returned kickoffs in 2014.


 Open-field tackling issues are problematic. Too much shoulder hits and not enough wrap ups. Positioning and balance when tackling is below average. Credited with 17 missed or broken tackles in 2015. One-year starter. Asked to play so much high safety that his coverage opportunities and experience is limited. Hesitates to fire downhill after the run or catch, giving away valuable yardage. Instincts a work in progress missing opportunities to take chances and make plays on the ball.


 "There is a buzz going around about him from some people I talk to on a regular basis but I'm not sure where it is coming from. He's fast, but what else?" -- NFC executive


 Cedric Thompson


 Height/weight/speed prospect who appears to be heating up around draft circles. With just one year of full-time starting experience and so much dead tape due to deep coverage responsibilities, teams will have a limited sample size to operate from, but traits usually win out. If Green hits a fast 40 at the combine (as expected), his stock will get a bump. Green?s coverage potential is evident, but he might need time on the bench to watch and learn early on. -Lance Zierlein
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