2016 Braves Minor Leagues and Prospects Thread

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On 4/4/2016 at 7:09 PM, K26dp said:

EST = Extended Spring Training. So these guys will still hang in Orlando (or the Braves facility in the Domincan Republic), working out and getting instruction, or in some cases rehabbing an injury. If there's an injury to a player on one of the full season teams, the organization can either pull a player from EST or sign a free agent to back-fill. 

The lowest levels are the "complex leagues" - they're run out of the teams spring training complexes. For the Braves, that's the Dominican Summer League Braves and the Gulf Coast League Braves. International prospects generally start with the DSL, and move up to the GCL when they turn 17/18 if their play warrants it. New draftees start either in the GCL or Rookie League Danville, depending on their experience; roughly high school guys go to the GSL, college guys to Danville. The DSL, GCL, and Rookie League teams all start their season in June, so they are collectively called the short season leagues.

The full season teams are from lowest to highest A Rome, A+ Carolina, AA Mississippi, and AAA Gwinnett. Where a prospect is ranked is based on a projection of their eventual major league contributions, but they are placed where the organization thinks their development would be best served. 

That's some useful info, thanks.

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