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2016 Braves Minor Leagues and Prospects Thread


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Here's a composite Braves prospect list I made from multiple local and national sources and where they are starting the 2016 season.

Edit: now with assignments as of 5/9/2016 and how acquired.

  1. Dansby Swanson, SS - AA Mississippi (Trade from Diamondbacks - Miller)
  2. Sean Newcomb, LHP - AA Mississippi (Trade from Angels - Simmons)
  3. Ozhaino Albies, SS - AAA Gwinnett (International free agent 2014)
  4. Aaron Blair, RHP - AAA Gwinnett (Trade from Diamondbacks - Miller)
  5. Kolby Allard, LHP - Rk Danville (Draft 2015)
  6. Lucas Sims, RHP - AA Mississippi (Draft 2012)
  7. Touki Toussaint, RHP - A Rome (Trade from Diamondbacks - Gosselin)
  8. Austin Riley, 3B - A Rome (Draft 2015 - draft pick trade from Padres - Kimbrel)
  9. Max Fried, LHP - A Rome (Trade from Padres - J. Upton)
  10. Mallex Smith, OF - MLB Atlanta (Trade from Padres - J. Upton)
  11. Mike Soroka, RHP - A Rome (Draft 2015)
  12. Tyrell Jenkins, RHP - AAA Gwinnett (Trade from Cardinals - Heyward)
  13. Braxton Davidson, OF - A+ Carolina (Draft 2014)
  14. John Gant, RHP - MLB Atlanta (Trade from Mets - Uribe)
  15. Chris Ellis, RHP - AAA Gwinnett (Trade from Angels - Simmons)
  16. Rio Ruiz, 3B - AAA Gwinnett (Trade from Astros - Gattis)
  17. Ricardo Sanchez, LHP - A Rome (Trade from Angels - Kubicza)
  18. Zach Bird, RHP - A+ Carolina (Trade from Dodgers - Wood)
  19. Ronald Acuña, OF - A Rome (International free agent 2014)
  20. Lucas Herbert, C - A Rome (Draft 2015)
  21. Derian Cruz, SS - Rk GCL Braves (International free agent 2015)
  22. Dustin Peterson, OF - AA Mississippi (Trade from Padres - J. Upton)
  23. Juan Yepez, 1B/3B - A Rome (International free agent 2014)
  24. Rob Whalen, RHP - AAA Gwinnett (Trade from Mets - Uribe)
  25. Cristian Pache, OF - RK GCL Braves (International free agent 2015)
  26. Andrew Thurman, RHP - AA Mississippi (Trade from Astros - Gattis)
  27. Ryan Weber, RHP - AAA Gwinnett (Draft 2009)
  28. Mauricio Cabrera, RHP - MLB Atlanta (International free agent 2011)
  29. Jason Hursh, RHP - AA Mississippi (Draft 2013)
  30. Johan Camargo, SS/3B - AA Mississippi (International free agent 2010)
  31. Isranel Wilson, OF - EST (International free agent 2015)
  32. Conner Lien, OF - AA Mississippi (Draft 2012)
  33. Daniel Castro, SS - MLB Atlanta (International free agent 2010)
  34. Max Povse, RHP - AA Mississippi (Draft 2014)
  35. Dan Winkler, RHP - MLB Atlanta (Rule V Draft 2015)
  36. Ricardo Rodriguez, C - EST (Trade from Padres - Bethancourt)
  37. Josh Graham, RHP - A Rome (Draft 2015)
  38. Luke Dykstra, 2B - A Rome (Draft 2014)
  39. Alec Grosser, RHP - EST (Draft 2013) Traded to the Dodgers
  40. Randy Ventura, OF - Rk GCL Braves (International free agent 2015)
  41. Wes Parsons, RHP - AA Mississippi (Non-drafted ameteur free agent 2012)
  42. Leudys Baez, OF - A Rome (International free agent 2014)
  43. Jonothan Morales, C - A Rome (Draft 2015)
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58 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

What does EST stand for?

Also what is the order of the Braves farm ranks? Does CGL or Danville come first for the newly drafted players? Then after that it goes Rome, Carolina, Mississippi, Gwinnett and Atlanta?

EST = Extended Spring Training. So these guys will still hang in Orlando (or the Braves facility in the Domincan Republic), working out and getting instruction, or in some cases rehabbing an injury. If there's an injury to a player on one of the full season teams, the organization can either pull a player from EST or sign a free agent to back-fill. 

The lowest levels are the "complex leagues" - they're run out of the teams spring training complexes. For the Braves, that's the Dominican Summer League Braves and the Gulf Coast League Braves. International prospects generally start with the DSL, and move up to the GCL when they turn 17/18 if their play warrants it. New draftees start either in the GCL or Rookie League Danville, depending on their experience; roughly high school guys go to the GSL, college guys to Danville. The DSL, GCL, and Rookie League teams all start their season in June, so they are collectively called the short season leagues.

The full season teams are from lowest to highest A Rome, A+ Carolina, AA Mississippi, and AAA Gwinnett. Where a prospect is ranked is based on a projection of their eventual major league contributions, but they are placed where the organization thinks their development would be best served. 

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7 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

k26dp, did you seem my post in the other thread about Matt Marksberry?

No, I missed it.

8 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

So is Matt Marksberry being sent to Mississippi a numbers game more so than an actual demotion because of bad performance? Because Marksberry is ready to get MLB LHB out. He showed that last year. He just needs to learn to get enough RHB out that he's not a complete liability the few times he would have to face one, or in Frediot's case, a few more times than he should be.

Numbers. Hunter Cervenka is in the same boat. 

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4 hours ago, K26dp said:

Rome has announced their starting rotation:

  • RHP Mike Soroka
  • RHP Patrick Weigel
  • LHP Max Fried
  • LHP Ricardo Sanchez
  • RHP Touki Toussaint

Toussaint is by far the most intriguing prospect for me this season. His stuff is absolutely electric but his command has been bad so far. If he shows improvements there throughout the season I'll be elated.

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Rome certainly will be.  I live here and work maybe 5 minutes from State Mutual Stadium.  Sadly, I haven't heard much local enthusiasm on the radio or in the on line news other than the generic opening day stories.  If you can avoid the "big games" such as opening day, Memorial Day, July 4th, etc., tickets should be easily available the day of the game.  I'm hoping to take my son to a few games this year and try to generate some interest in the game for him.

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Two more affiliates have revealed their rotations.


  1. RHP Jhoulys Chacin
  2. RHP Mike Foltynewicz
  3. RHP Aaron Blair
  4. RHP Tyrell Jenkins
  5. RHP Casey Kelly


  1. RHP Lucas Sims
  2. RHP Chris Ellis
  3. LHP Sean Newcomb
  4. RHP Rob Whalen
  5. RHP Brandon Barker

Note: that means RHP Andrew Thurman, RHP Steve Janas, and RHP Victor Mateo, all of whom were starters last year, begin the season as relievers.


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Rome up 8-1 after 3 innings. Augusta has some good prospects too, but these Braves are running rings around them. 

Riley with two sharp hits, Ray-Patric Didder with a hustle triple. Soroka gave up one run thanks to an iffy back-hand attempt on a grounder by Riley at 3B. Herbert is very impressive behind the dish... flawless technique, great pitch framing.

As I typed that last bit Riley made an outstanding play at 3rd, going flat on the ground to spear a hot grounder, getting to his feet and throwing a laser across the diamond to get a fast runner.

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