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Matt Ryan "53 of us, 5 million of you"

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9 minutes ago, HaRdH3ad said:

Let's go Matt get us one. Something feels special about this upcoming season idk what it is I just feel it 

It feels special that we can field a team with so many holes. 

6 minutes ago, ATLFalcons11 said:

Now that's an awesome pic and quote. This the type of stuff that gets fairweathers behind the team. Seattle does this all the time. I was just in Bmore for work last week and they do the same.

Matt never struck me as being emo

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I went to Roswell GA for my youngest daughters wedding, just got back a short while ago to Lake Charles LA.....but anyways...was talking to different people while I was there and they were not feeling very inspired by the upcoming season. I told them you guys are young.....I'm 59 and still keep the faith. I get down and sometimes post a critical post...but I still love da birds! It's in my blood.

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Just now, WhenFalconsWin said:

Alright Matty, I like the sentiment, now can we start with sweeping the saints this year?  Then moving on to the Lombardi...




Claiming the NFCS should be priority #1(MR)...lost ground last season.

I hope MR is reminiscing on chances lost (his) in the OP pic...vowing to deliver.

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