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Looking for a specific type of game

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Hello to all,

I'm looking for a game that could have some specific features. I guess the game would fall on the RPG category. These would be the 4 criteria:

- open world like Skyrim/Elder Scrolls

- with character creation

- having limitations in the beginning of the game, like, you can't get full of gear in a matter of minutes, you can't carry tons of different objects. In other words you start of in a humble sort of way, with almost nothing, and slowly, you can get your first weapon or something like this. That would make it more immersive, slow, and adventure like.

- and easy to understand skills and stats, just a list of features that increase if you're doing the appropriate actions (not these hard-to-grasp charts of skill points)


Is there a game like that upthere? The closest things I found where Risen, Skyrim and Two Worlds II.


Thanks for the help!


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Might check out The Witcher. If you don't wanna go back and play the first two, the newest is The Witcher 3 on PS4/XB1/PC. Sounds kinda like what you're looking for. You don't get character creation but it's excellent in all other areas mentioned.

Dragon's Dogma is another one. If you get that one, make sure it's the "Dark Arisen" re-release as it includes an extra zone, all DLC, and much needed fast travel feature. That one is on PS3/360/PC, I believe. Excellent game.

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