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I participated in a full, 7-round community mock draft on Reddit, where I got to act as GM for the Falcons. Trades were allowed. This is the result.


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1. Atlanta sends its 2nd (50 overall) round pick to New England for their 2nd (61 overall) and 3rd (91 overall) round picks. New England took Tyler Boyd at 50.
2. Atlanta sends its 3rd (81 overall) round pick to Detroit for their 4th (115 overall) and two 6th (191 & 202 overall) round picks. Detroit took Jerald Hawkins at 81.


R1P17: Darron Lee - new starting Will, can play LEO in obvious passing situations
R2P61: Jeremy Cash - new starting SS, can also blitz
R3P91: Bronson Kaufusi - rotational DL, can play anywhere from LEO to NT on passing downs

For explanations on these picks, check out my most recent mock draft for more comprehensive writeups on these first three players. It's the same picks.

R4P111: Tyler Higbee - big target for Matt, nice safety net. I don't love the value of a TE in early rounds but Higbee is my current #1 TE and getting him in the 4th round is a great value for us. This might actually bring an element back to our offense that's been missing since Gonzo's retirement.
R4P115: Cyrus Jones - nickel CB, gives us flexibility with Alford, can be a return man as well. Jones is a little smaller, which is why there's no chance our FO would ever play him at outside corner, but he's aggressive both in coverage AND against the run, and his return abilities can also be an asset.
R6P191: Michael Thomas (Southern Miss) - could be a #2 and let us cut Sanu after the 2017 season. This was a desperation pick because between our last 4th round pick and this pick, all the guys I wanted got drafted. Joe Thuney, Alex McCalister, Malcolm Mitchell, Nick Vigil, even Robert Aguayo, they were all taken in the late 4th or at some point in the 5th round. it sucked. But I do like this Michael Thomas, and honestly I like him a little more than Ohio State Michael Thomas. That said, this was definitely not plan A. It was more like plan G.
R6P202: Cory James - 6'0 245, great measurables, team leader type, might end up starting at Mike for us. Played everywhere for CSU - RDE, LDE, LOLB, ROLB, MLB, SS, slot CB, just everywhere. He's a swiss army knife but his athleticism is a plus trait. If you can get your hands on a Colorado State game, pay attention to #31 - he's really aggressive, he's got great change of direction ability, and his instincts are solid.
R7P238: Connor Wujciak - just an athlete. Can play DT, NT, or we could pull a SEA & try teaching him OG. I honestly didn't know who to pick at this point since all my usual 7th round fliers were already taken, so I just went to my spreadsheet and picked the guy with the highest interior DL grade since we hadn't taken an interior defensive lineman yet in this draft. Wujciak is 3rd on that list behind Dean Lowry (who's arms are less than 32") and Chris Jones, who's a top 50 type player and would never be available in the 7th even in our wildest dreams. Wujciak is 6'2 and a half, 291 lbs, ran 4.91, 33.25" arms, 1.72 10 split, 34.5" vert, 9'9" broad, 7.32 3 cone. Probably not a super diverse movable chess piece like Kaufusi but can play NT or 3 tech, and if we don't like him at either of those spots we can give him a shot at guard like what Seattle does.

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A 4th for two 6th would be a hard sell unless the other team has a firm target on their board still available.  I think generally 6th and 7th rounders are expected to be camp bodies, depth or PS-bound while 4th rounders tend to be players who are good players but slid because of where they played, a run on other positions or unknowns in their play.  That said, I like that you are maximizing picks since we really only have 4 this year in terms of highly regarded talent.

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7 hours ago, falconidae said:

Was Cravens available at 50 and would you have taken him if he was?

Yes and yes, but I had to take that trade. I wanted Cravens or Keanu Neal, but when a trade like the one New England offered us comes through, you just can't turn that down. Then Cravens got taken at 51.

5 hours ago, E. T. said:

Why no oline? We need a future guard(s). Good mock, but....

There was no value. Offensive linemen went ridiculously quickly in this draft. I'll explain in my response to g-dawg.

4 hours ago, g-dawg said:

Smart guy, but Kayoh s in denial about the huge need of a guard to develop and compete.  Gotta get one - Connor McGovern, 4th Rd - Mizzou.

McGovern wasn't available in the 4th. I wanted McGovern in the 4th too but he was drafted in the 3rd. Not just in the 3rd, but before our pick in the 3rd. McGovern went 77th overall in this mock. I wouldn't have even been able to get him in the 3rd if I wanted to, and that was actually part of the reason I was so cool with trading out of our earlier 3rd round pick at 81. The next guard I wanted was Joe Thuney, thought we'd be able to get him in the 6th, but he ended up getting drafted at 153 overall in the 5th round. There's no way I'm taking McGovern or Thuney as early as they got taken, and it just so happens they both got taken by the same team - Philadelphia. Regardless, those are my mid-late round guys. Whitehair in the 2nd if he's available would be nice, I like McGovern in the 4th if he's available, and Joe Thuney in the 6th if he's available. The issue is that they weren't available at a spot that they would've been decent values to take in this mock. I didn't intentionally ignore OL, it just worked out that OL got taken early in this draft so the value never showed up.

2 hours ago, vafalconfan said:

You think Cyrus Jones is available in the 4th round?.. I have my doubts, but I sure hope so!

He should be. Every mock I've seen, every player ranking I see, every big board I see, Cyrus is in the 100s.

1 hour ago, HaRdH3ad said:

I strongly believe if Quinn gets his hands on that Bronson guy watch out

I love Kaufusi's upside. He's an athlete, that's for sure. Son of a coach too so you know he'll take to Quinn right away.

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2 hours ago, Canadian Jesus said:

Jaylon Smiff at 40, you say? Not insane. Can you post the link to the Reddit page? I want to see how "authentic" the GMs were.

what do you mean by "authentic"? It was just a bunch of fans of each team like you or I. It's not like they got former coaches or anything. The most prestigious guy was probably Brett Kollman who works for the NFL Network, who was in the Texans war room. I don't even know if he was full on GM.

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1 hour ago, etherdome said:

I am pretty bummed with all the recent attention to Connor McGovern.  I was basically counting on drafting him in the third round.  

yeah, he's the most athletic offensive lineman in this class plus is coming out of a zone blocking scheme in missouri. I think Mitch Morse being such a good starting C as a rookie might even have something to do with McGovern's rise.

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8 hours ago, Kayoh said:

what do you mean by "authentic"? It was just a bunch of fans of each team like you or I. It's not like they got former coaches or anything. The most prestigious guy was probably Brett Kollman who works for the NFL Network, who was in the Texans war room. I don't even know if he was full on GM.

I used quotations around authentic for lack of a better term. On a scale from stihs-and-giggles to authentic, were these redditors making picks out-of-left field for the lleh of it or was there, for the most part, picks being made with some merit? If you just pasted the link I could've taken a look for myself, homie.

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