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Reshad Jones tweets we signed him


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1 minute ago, Falconcheff said:

Maybe this being April Fools is why he waited so long to announce?  Nobody's going to believe ANYTHING today... I'm not even clicking on any of the Roddy threads...

That's cause you already know they are fake. It's different to see a player actually tweet a prank like this out. Deserves major kudos imo

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7 minutes ago, atljbo said:

this why i hate april fools day

It'd be interesting if people actually thought of something funny. Unfortunately, it's always a bunch of lame not jokes, that everyone knows aren't real from the get go. They're always so lazy.

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What he did is really no worse than our own posters' poor attempts at April fools every year, in that it hardly fools anyone, and no one thought it was funny other than the one guy that thought it up.

I equate it on the same level as when rival fans come on the board and pretend to be Falcons fans. It's so obvious from the get go, what they are, but they think that they're funny and original. Then, as soon as they're outed, they act like they fooled everyone, and talk about how proud they are of themselves and their epic trolling.

I see these as pretty much the same thing.


or, in summation:


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7 minutes ago, MD-FalconFan13 said:

Get over it. It's April fools day. It's expected. You falling for it is ridiculous. 

I didn't say I fell for it. With the giant following the NFL has and with the way things blow up on social media, I don't think it's a smart move. 'Preciate the snarkiness though.

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