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EMT,Firemen and the Police


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The police and lot of other public service employees sometime get a bad rap, doesn't a day go by that you don't see something n the news. Today I was helping my Mom, sister and Dad get ready for his trip to the hospital for his schedule check up on his chemo treatment. Dad has been racked with these treatments since October 2014 in his battle against pancreatic cancer. This past few days he has been very lethargic sleeping most of the day making it difficult to get water or food in him. Treatments have left him so weak he needs a walker and we use a wheelchair when traveling,even got chair lift so we could get him into his normal bed up stairs. He was struggling to stay awake this morning very out of it so much so we were concerned if we could get him to the car. Was helping him sip some gatorade and he went into a small convulsion, immediately I told Mom to call 911, as she did he came back to as I asked Dad are you okay? he had no clue what happened. Mom was still on the phone, EMT's were on the way when he had another more severe convulsion,so much so that even though I was holding him along with my sister he still jerked out of his wheelchair,we held on on dragged him back in as he shook and his eyes rolled back in his head. First on the scene were two police officers, right after that were Dekalb County fireman and then the EMT's. They immediately noticed his heart rate was soaring 205 ,they got an IV going and then proceeded telling us there were gonna have to slow his heart rate, by giving him and injection,not sure what it was but they described it off like jumping off a 10 story building and its an scary feeling. Dad has another convulsion, and the he jerked quite bit took 4 of them to hold him down. Finally though his heart rate dropped a little, they them proceeded to get him out of the house and en route to the ER at Northside, we were right behind them and by the time we got in to see Dad he was exhausted but stable, obviously he has a lot of testing to go through to see what was the cause it might be a combination of things. But I and my Mom and sister were overwhelmed by the professionalism and attention that every one of the men and women gave my Dad. Doctors said he could have easily had a heart attack or stroke without the immediate and proper procedures they all did. They probably saved my Dads life, so a big heartfelt thank you to them and all of the first responders out there. They seriously don't get enough positive recognition, but they added another family that is extremely grateful for their service. 

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