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Best LB / DT Combo for Us in Rounds 1 & 2

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For its & giggles let's assume the Falcons are going to pick a DT and a LB in the first two rounds, in either order. What combination would you prefer?


i personally can't believe the way things are shaping up there's a possibility that we can go with...

Rd1 - A'shawn Robinson, DT - a beast that immediately makes our DL better  

Rd2 - Jaylon Smith, LB - will likely miss most or all of 2016 but could come back in 2017 as an all-pro LB for years to come. If he's not there or medical report is really bleak then I'm warming up to Sua Cravens, WLB. 

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2 minutes ago, ICD said:

If some of these Lb dropping in favor of teams going DT. If we could trade back in hopes of getting another 2nd. We could get 3 impact players in the first 2 rounds. 



Probably tough for us to get an extra 2nd unless we drop back to the very end of round 1 or completely out of round 1. 

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10 hours ago, GleasonForever! said:

need a DT. Huge gaping whole with Soliai gone. Dont have a dependable NT on the roster. The game Mbu started Panters put 39 points up on us.

That was Mbu's first playing time ever. He wasn't the only one responsible for those 39 points.

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Kinda intrigued by the possibility of Holmes and Craven- two really fast versatile players that Quinn could put to good use.


Would love, though, to see Rankins, Billings or KOG's favorite, whose name  escapes me at the moment, in the first. Think that would do for the Dline what Mack's signing did for the Oline.


Cravens in the second after that  would be great, but I don't know who else I'd want, don't follow the draft that closely and have no idea who'll be there at 50.

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2 hours ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

Hageman is an excellent run defender. He can play the nose in Quinn's scheme

he's ideal at 3 tech, as is Jarrett. We could afford to play those guys next to each other, but our best bet is to draft a NT to rotate with Mbu and hav Hage and GJ rotating at 3 tech.

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With addition of Wheeler and possibility of Upshaw...I think we can expect the Falcons front to look like this going into the draft:

LEO: Beasley / Upshaw

DT: Hageman / Babs / Mbu

DT: TJax / Jarrett

DE: Shleby / Clayborn / Goodman / Upshaw

SLB: Reed / Upshaw...

MLB: Worrilow

WLB; Spoon / Wheeler

I know a lot of folks are "meh" on Upshaw, but what I think he will bring to the Falcons is a guy that can play LDE, SLB, and LEO in run situations, thus a LOT of FLEXIBILITY...

For this reason, if we get Upshaw,,,I do not see the Falcons takign Floyd....where is he gonna fit with Upshaw and Reed? Shelby and Clayborn? and Beasley? His skillset is not suited for MLB or WLB....

I also worry about taking a DT in the first, considering how much PT he is going to get not just this year, but moving forward....

If the coaching staff didn't value TJax, he would be gone not Soliai...the contracts were similar in cap hits, so I think many are underestimating the thought of TJax being around not just this upcoming year, but also the following year...B/c of this, I just don't see a DT in the 1st round...


1st: Darron Lee / Jaylon Smith / Reggie Ragland

2nd: Miles Killebrew / Jeremy Cash / Karl Joseph / Su'a Cravens

3rd: Javon Hargrave / BPA at LB / BPA at OG / BPA at TE


I hate the idea of Hunter Henry in the 2nd round...yea yea...he is the best TE prospect, but in an extremely weak TE class...no thanks and its a premium at this point...we can easily get a TE in FA or the draft next year....let's make this defense ELITE!!!!!


Again, if Wheeler, Spoon, and Upshaw are all signed in FA....we are going to a SS selected in the first two rounds....


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