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Which NFL teams have stacked up the most draft capital?

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Most draft capital lost

And then, of course, there's the flip side: Here are the teams who have lost the most draft capital versus their would-be stash of original selections. This year, it's heavy on teams who have lost draft assets in a less usual way: They've been docked picks by the NFL.

3. Atlanta Falcons

Original draft capital: 42.2 points
Actual draft capital: 37.3 points
Difference: 4.9 points (11.6 percent)

The Falcons also are missing fifth- and sixth-round picks, albeit under very different circumstances. Their sixth-rounder went to the Titans for free-agent disappointment Andy Levitre, who subsequently signed a restructured deal to stay with the Falcons. He wasn't much better in Atlanta. Their fifth-rounder, meanwhile, was taken away by the NFL as punishment for piping crowd noise into the Georgia Dome. Let's remember that the blame for the noise was pinned on director of event marketing Roddy White and that the Falcons somehow had a guy in their front office with the same name as their star wideout. Or maybe the more famous Roddy White really just wanted to be an event planner all along.



Most acquired

5. Ravens

4. Rams

3. Niners

2. Broncos

1. Packers

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