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Trade Matt Ryan to Denver before Elways gets his QB!


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On 3/18/2016 at 0:40 AM, R_The_Great said:

Here we go again . falcon fans worst trait. Can't look beyond what they are used too.  You guys telling me there are no other qbs in the world that could get you 1 play off win in 8 years?  

Matt Ryan is the prototypical look of a qb you would think of. Problem is, he is Peyton manning with out the wins. Joe flacco , super bowl ring. Colin kaepernick, super bowl appearance and multiple playoff wins.  Cam Newton same thing.  Even Russell Wilson , super bowl ring.  Notice that none of these men with all these successes are not named matt ryan. And yet people still want to think Matt Ryan is better than these men but he has accomplished 25 percent of What these guys already have


Nice fail from the conductor of the fail train.  Kaepernick, the legendary QB.  Do you notice what all of those QBs relied on to win their superbowl?  A competent defense.  Nice to see the one supporting MR2 coming into form at the right time of year, but with his production this year he may not need them.


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15 hours ago, King Jigsaw said:

That awkward moment when you see @Knight of God liking the OP and wonder why he's considered the most respected poster on the boards. The same guy that hated Devonta Freeman (and has since owned up to being wrong, +respect) was going around liking posts about trading Matt Ryan so we could get... Paxton Lynch?


Image result for why you meme

Respected because of the willingness to say what too few around here are willing to say: "I was wrong."

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On Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 1:22 AM, stizz said:

I get it, no free agency news so you thought this would be a good idea.


On another note, I'd hate to see New Orleans get that kid from Clemson when he comes out. 3 mobile QB's in the division would be a nightmare.

not if they aren't starting caliber qb's

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On 3/15/2016 at 1:22 AM, iDash said:

Trading MR to Denver would be an Instant Superbowl Ring for them.

Tebow could probably play in a suit and win one there!

Denvers Opposing Offensives can barely run a play!

Falcons need a lot,

especially on the Defense and in the Trenches!

What??? You are on some good dope.

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