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My mock based on the moves we have made and what may be comming.


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With Quinn wanting to get fast and physical the pick at 17 will be

1) Darron Lee he has not reached his ceiling yet heck he will be 2 years reaching his floor. He is a versatile piece that has the speed we are looking for.



2) Austin Johnson DT Penn State Paul being being just a 2 down player made our LBer situation worse and the middle of our defense needs help and here it is fresh legs at nose that can manage double teams and stay active.


3) Travis Feeney Continuing the theme with getting fast and physical and improving the middle of our defense. He has played everywhere at Washington but here he is a SS with versatility based on down and distance.


4) Tyler Higbee We need help in the red zone and a TE that can block in the run game. We can get that with Higbee in the 4th.


7) Joe Thuney We need Olinemen to develop and Thuney has the feet for our scheme and should be able to play guard and center.


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19 minutes ago, MD-FalconFan13 said:

No to DT in the 2nd when we need LBs in the worst way. Would prefer a double dip in 2 of the first 3 rounds unless a really good OL falls. Also think SS is a higher priority than 3rd. Sua Cravens is the preferred target in the second to a DT. We aren't that weak in the area.

While I agree with you on LBer we are limited in this draft and we do need a Nose with Paul gone. Someone like Johnson will make whoever is lined up behind him better and I would argue it is a bigger need than we think. This is not the best year for LBer and what is there after the 1st is really limited. It would be better to address it short term in FA than to over draft one based on need when we still have plenty of holes to fill.

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