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Taking a look at Strong Safety

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So from the way FA is shaking out, it doesn't appear that we will be landing a starting SS, and given our needs at LB it also seems unlikely that we will go SS in the first round.

So that leaves the big question of what we're going to do there...


SS is very important in Quinn's scheme (IMO) - I would think this would not be left to chance.

Maybe they are high on Ishmael and aren't as worried about it - I hope so. 


That leaves the questions: 

Are there any starting quality SS's that could be had in the 2nd or later this year? If so, who?

And if not - do y'all think Ishmael is ready to take over that position?

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2 minutes ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

I would take a look at DJ swearinger from the cards. He's a restricted free agent that could be had for our 7th.

Not for a 7th

5 minutes ago, texasfalconfan said:

Is Reggie Nelson in play still?

This is what I want to know. Not the traditional SS in Quinn's defense but a physical veteran who could cover and hit.  He is always around 70-80 Tackles from his FS position.

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26 minutes ago, halifaxfalcon said:

I honestly thought we would land Iloka after it appeared we had expressed interest. He signed a very reasonable contract to stay in Cincy. I think we go after Darron Lee in the 1st and a safety in the 2nd

Darron Lee cant get off blocks hes fast but not worth the pick. 

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38 minutes ago, texasfalconfan said:

I think we go ss in the 2nd round, lots of options there Karl Joseph, miles killebrew, Jeremy cash, TJ green, darian Thompson all projected 2nd round 

I agree . If any more moves are made in FA the money would be better spent in my opinion getting a RG and a OLB.

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I wish I could post the conversation Peyton's Forehead and I have been having (me asking a lot of questions, him giving really good insight) but there was a question I asked ranking positions of importance on defense within Quinns system that he couldn't truly answer. Mainly because this is Quinns first go round in charge and he's not sure if it'll be a mirror of Seattle where it was built outside in (Safetys ->CBs -> LBs -> DL) or if it will follow his history of being a DL player in college and coach and building inside out (DL->LBs->CBs->Safetys). So I'm super curious how we fill those remaining holes. If he goes big name (for whats available) in FA at either or which position he drafts first in the draft. Curious to see what happens in year two under his watch to see how this defense is going to be built though...

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3 hours ago, m2Falcons said:

I like Ishmael but he can NOT cover to save his life. We have to get a safety that can run much better than him. 

which is why he had 97 tackles (9th best SS, 12th best DB), 4 interceptions (1 pick six) in (T-3rd among SS, T-7th among DBs) in 2014 when he had the most snaps (75%), while STILL playing behind Willy Mo...ok  :rolleyes:

less snaps last year (healthier Willy Mo) he only had 35% of the snaps, but still nearly had a pick six and 46 tackles....

We can roll with Ish, if FA/Draft turn out that way,heck he may have his best showing yet...as a FT starter

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