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We currently sit at $24 million under the cap.

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8 hours ago, Leggggggo said:

What is the word on Hester. At the end of the year I figured it was a lock he would be cut. Are they waiting till they lock in the WR#2 to make sure he is a return guy as well? Seems like they would have cut him already if that was the plan.

I think they are waiting until he is healthy to cut him.

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11 hours ago, Dirtybird56 said:

We had 24M at the start of free agency. 19.5 now after the 4.5M cap hit for Mack. The Shelby and Clayborn contracts haven't been updated. We're probably around 13m after those are factored in


We get 5M from Soliai post June 1st cut and 3M when Hester is cut early May. TJax is likely on his way out, that's 10M for draft class and rollover. So we still have 13m to play with 


edit:new cap hit for Mack is 4m so add 500k savings on cap. We structured Mack's contract for a small cap hit this year that balloons the next few seasons, something we don't usually do. Could mean Shelby has a smaller cap hit too, we might be around 15m

We started free agency with over 32 actually...

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