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TRU's risky mock

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I'm old school and I would love to have a top 10 defense with a offense that can pound the ball. 






Jackson (LE)

Babineaux (DT)- Jarrett needs more snaps

Hester (WR)- 

Soliai (NT)- salary to much for a 2 down player


Jaye Howard (NT) - can play on all 3 downs and can produce sacks up the middle.

Alex Mack (C) - a QB for the Oline. Shanahan likes to run the ball and he will open up lanes for Pro bowler Freeman and 2nd year player Coleman.

Zach Brown (MLB) - track star that has speed Quinn covets. 



I'm a Myles Jack fan and have been since his freshman year, but I know he will be gone in the top 10. I grown fond to Jaylon Smith and Darron Lee which Lee will probably be gone and selecting Smith at 17 will be to risky. We still need a LE, RG, a WR to replace Roddy, TE, SS, and OLBs. 

#17 - trade back and try to acquire an additional 3rd rounder and draft (LE) Noah Spence. (Risky pick due to character concerns, but he would give us a extra pick and a player that can get after the QB.

#50 - (OLB) Jaylon Smith. Some say he might not play in 2016 or even at all, but if he does we need a playmaker with his skills. We still have Reed under contract which will allow him to recover(High risk pick due to health concerns)

3rd (a) - (OLB) Deion Jones or De'Vondre Campbell. Two quick backers that would fit Quinn system.

3rd (b) via trade - (C-OG) Nick Martin. Can compete with Mike Person at RG and would be a value pick with his versatility to play center as well

4th - Malcolm Michell. Came from a run first offense in Georgia and is use to blocking. 

7th - BPA





Front 7



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