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I've watched every Falcons game, and play for the last god knows how many years...but who are the linebackers? It's just crazy how much depth and talent we actually lack there. If you think about it, its one of the easiest positions to have depth at. While guys do fit better in certain schemes, ILB and 4-3 OLBs fit 99% of schemes in some sort of role. You can just draft a couple mid-rounders , some 6'4 250 lb athletes and hope they develop, make a couple plays over there years...but Atlanta, except for Paul W, have NOBODY. Durant made the big bat down vs the Panthers in the win but he wore down every game and is gone... getting Danny Trevathan is just the top of the iceberg... we need at least 2-3 other guys plus bring back Philip Wheeler if that's an option. We seriously lack athletes who can smack people in the mouth around the line of scrimmage or bat a ball down in coverage. 

Sign Trevathan for big money, draft a couple athletes who can hit and have attitude, and maybe sign a vet like Laurenitis on the cheap. 

I'm fed up of seeing guys slip through the cracks at the LOS, get some guys who know how to wrap em up!


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