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Paging Bobby Digital...your new avatar awaits

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If i remember correctly, you said Mario Williams would get at least 9.5mil per year.  I contended that we could get him for 7.5-8mil and that he would get no more than 9.

It's all here just in case your memory is a little fuzzy Read it and weep

I expect to see this gem of a picture in your avatar for a year...


And no creative cropping.

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5 minutes ago, hjerry said:

I'm really not sure why any Falcons fan would want other Falcons fans to have that as their avatar, or to have to look at that as someone else's avatar.

I mean, I'd get it if the winner were a Saints fan, but...


Yup. Falcon fans don't make other Falcon fans look at Ain't players.

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5 minutes ago, Jpowers said:

Nah, there is a middle ground which he completely skipped over. Poor Krunk can't catch a break though. 

**** that. A bet is a bet. If he wanted him to use Brees as his pic it truly shouldn't matter what anyone else has to say should it? Screw taking it easy

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