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Let's Bring in RGIII and cut MR2

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Lol yo I'm still trying to figure out what he has to do with bad accuracy, bad snaps, bad fumbles, & 84 being slower than a snail. Maybe shannahan was the reason we scored 2 points vs Giants in the playoffs. Yep I've figured it out now. He made devontae fumble inside the 5 vs saints. Fire him!!! 

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Actually, as crazy as it might sound, imagine if we had 3 first round picks and a chance to nab a younger MR clone without the salary. We would be in bidness then. Not that I would like to see it happen, but in some alternate universe, a team gets younger and is able to retool with some good cornerstones, free up cap space, and add some playmaking vets with the extra salary cap $$.

Don't flame me for that statement. I am not advocating for it, I am just visualizing the allure of the potential it COULD bring.

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50 minutes ago, kingslasher said:

We had better get a decent backup. We have been very lucky, but one of these seasons MR2 is going to get hurt and be out for more than a few games. That will be bad. 

Unfortunately it's been bad even with him starting every game considering we haven't had a winning season since 2012...

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