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Trevathan, Irvin, and Lee

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If we least get these three guys, our defense will be ten times better. Our front seven be completely rebuilt(not to mention other moves) then all we will need is another safety, dt, cb depth, and de. Dont get me started on offense. Just to clarify, in open to any move right now other than trading Matt Ryan. Danny Trevathan, Bruce Irvin, and Derron Lee should come here.

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I don't see how we pour that much money into defense with 2 players. They are just asking too much. So Irvin or Trevathan and Lee is much more likely. Who knows maybe Smith falls into our laps in the 2nd. It would be worth it imo. We are still building. 

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57 minutes ago, bigjmw84 said:

Unless we Cut Reed to make space at SLB, or move Beasley to WLB to open the spot at Leo dont see the Irvin signing make sense. 


Yeah, I think Irvin is much more likely to wind up in Jacksonville with Gus Bradley.

Not only do we still have Reed, who I'm sure the FO is hoping will bounce back from his poor 2015 campaign, but we might also re-sign guys like Schofield and Stupar, who played well at SLB in part-time action last year.


That being said, I agree with the rest.  Signing Trevathan and drafting Lee is my #1 option at the moment.  Mostly because I'm also hoping we sign Charles Johnson or Mario Williams in free agency.

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