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Trick Montalban

We learned a lot about Quinn today

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1 hour ago, Sidecar Falcon said:

All in all, it was the right decision to make for the franchise. Not sure why Quinn is getting flak for the text thing, based on where Roddy was at the time this should be understandable. I'm sure Quinn would have liked to do it in person. Regardless I think Roddy knew it was coming. Roddy's time has passed, it's time to let new players make their mark.

Who are these new players who need to make their mark? We have NO DEPTH at wide receiver. I don't see how it is smart tocut players who are proven warriors and gift wrap the job to unproven players are players who are not even on the roster.  . This is the same type of move that got us in trouble at the Center position.

TD let Mcclure go prematurely gifting wrapping the position to Konz which was a disaster. Shanny not to be outdone making moves that  make NO SENSE cuts Joe Hawley a week before the regular season in favor of a player who NEVER played the position. 

This was a right decision for a franchise who doesn't know which way is up. We hire 5 previous GM's in the front office in one offseason, hire a DB coach to coach the wideouts, tell Solia we are cutting him in June but we text Roddy to cut him in March. How about cutting a center who can't snap the ball, or a kick returner who missed 12 games this season. 

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