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March Hawks Thread


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1 hour ago, JerseyNo12 said:

I'm starting to really hate Toronto. The Hawks have beaten better teams, on the road, like the Clippers. Just pisses me off.

LAC isn't better this season...


And this was worse that the final score. At halftime the Clippers were getting stomped on by 29 against the Raptors. At home.


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Atlanta did a good job to go 12-4 against a March schedule that wasn't all that easy (although it definitely wasn't as hard as it looked before the season because of Washington disappointing and Memphis being depleted) but it's eyebrow raising that two losses are to the Raptors. It could've easily been 14-2 with two games in which they just really weren't into the game, and this was one of them.

The Clippers also got blown out a second time against the Raptors as well ftr. The Raptors are better than the Clippers this season

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10 hours ago, JerseyNo12 said:

Meh, to me they're still the same team that got swept by the wizards, who the hawks beat in six games. Toronto isn't that good.

So is Atlanta the same team that struggled to beat a banged up Wizards team and swept by the Cavs? Is Golden State the same team from last year

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