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Alfred Jenkins. Another highly underrated Falcons player.


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Alfred played 9 years and totaled only 360 career catches. His best season was 1981 with 70 catches and 1358 yards. Most people would look at his numbers and ask, " why is he underrated?"  The answer is, back in the time Alfred played, the game was STILL a running game. Back during his playing time, if a quarterback threw for 3,000 yards, it was a BIG deal. Today, if a quarterback doesnt throw for more than 4,000 yards, he had a bad year. It was basically unheard of for a receiver to catch 100 passes. In fact, 50 catches was considered a great year back then.

Alfred had a game that resembled Marvin Harrison. They wasnt necessarily gonna blow the doors off you, but they both run precise routes, have great hands, and knew how to get open. They both were small, but if you threw it anywhere near them, they could get to the ball. Nobody ever talks about Jenkins, but i saw him play. He was the real deal. I would definitely rank him in the top 5 of Falcons greatest receivers. The AJC ranks him as number 24 alltime in Falcons history.








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