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Bruce Irvin should get close to 9.5 mil from Falcons or Jaguars

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ive yet to see any media member justify this estimation. 

Curry got a ton because he's a full time DE now. 

Irvin isn't a full time DE. He's an LB who rushes on 3rd down. Like said previously,9.5 would make him one of he highest paid LBs in the game. Really? 

The media is acting like he is a DE. He's not. 

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I used to be super high on the Irvin tree and thought he was a "must have" this offseason, but looking at his stat line - just something is super underwhelming about him. For such a "pass rushing expert" as he's touted his sack numbers are pretty low. 

If Irvin is going to cost 9.5 I'd much rather give that money to Trevathan, who I think would help our defense a lot more. Both players have ties to R. Smith or DQ, but I think Trevathan would have a bigger impact than Irvin who has very low tackle and sack numbers.

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21 minutes ago, Sandy5prings said:

I'd rather pay Super Mario because we need a real DE to bookend Beasley as the first priority. Doesn't Irvin play the same role that Beasley does? 

If we are recreating the Seahawks D template, we need a Michael Bennett type guy before we need another LEO.

No. Irvin plays LB. 

on third down he moves to Bennetts DE spot, when bennet goes to DT. 

Beasley plays on the other side. 

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