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DE Emmanuel Ogbah tho


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I've been banging the Ogbah drum for a full year...I'm an OKST alumnae, love the guy...takes teh occasional play off, but he is the real deal...if Jaylon Smith's medical is a "fail" from our team docs, then Ogbah is the guy...

You know Quinn is looking at him as Michael Bennettt opposite Beasley...

Put the money in the MLB (Travathan) and OL spots...

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I would not worry about Ogbah's commitment.  He has earned a great reputation for his work ethic.  As far as I am concerned, he is at the top of my list.  

Unfortunately, I get the feeling that he will be off the board before our pick.  I honestly think that he will get drafted ahead of Lawson, Dodd and Spence.  

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50 minutes ago, Arkridge said:

I wouldn't be mad at Obgah at 17. His performance at the combine put him right up there with Lawson for me. Noah Spence didn't look very fast.

I would definitely take Ogbah at 17. Lawson looks like a late 1st round pick to me, and is over hyped by media because he played on the #1 team in the nation. 

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This article does a good job explaining Ogbah as a prospect. I don't agree with him being a 3rd round prospect but the points are  pretty solid.


Ogbah is irritating because the potential is there. Especially with the combine he's having.

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