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Potential Future Falcons


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I've been watching some games from last season from I few guys I think that the Falcons should be interested in.I'd like to share some of my thoughts and see what everyone thinks.

I watched 3 games for Jonathon Bullard against Tennesse, Alabama, and Vanderbilt, and I think he might be my favorite pick for the Falcons in terms of scheme fit. Dan Quinn coached him at Florida and he plays next to Brian Cox Jr on the line so I'm sure our coaching staff has some interest. The guy has Michael Bennett written all over him He plays all over the line, but mostly at 3 technique. I think he could stand to lose a few pounds to help himself get a little faster, but I think he would come in and replace Tyson Jackson and be a huge upgrade. He has an ELITE first step. He is consistently the first guy off the ball and has some violent hands with a great motor. It's very impressive that such a big guy is constantly making contact with offensive lineman before the other defenders get out of their stance. This quick get-off is complemented by his power to blow offensive lineman backwards and make an enormous impact on plays consistently even if he isn't the guy to make the tackle every time.



I watched a few games of Deion Jones and Darron Lee as well. Honestly i like Deion better than Lee as a prospect. Both are very fast linebackers, but I do not see anything other than speed from Lee. He looks lost at times and was not as elite in coverage as I expected he would be. He is an effective blitzer though, much more in fact than Deion Jones. However I do not think Dan Quinn wants a Mike or Will that blitzes often. Deion Jones is almost as fast, but I have more faith in his instincts as a linebacker than Lee. He is all over the field, is good in coverage, and is great at meeting runners in the whole. I've seen him almost make plays several times only to let poor tackling let the runner escape. He is the antithesis of Paul Worrilow and think he could easily be a huge upgrade at linebacker that runs all over the field. He lit it up at the senior bowl, but he still probably on't be a first round pick which could give us the value that Wagner got Seattle by taking a stud linebacker on day 2. 



Another guy I would lake on day 3 is D.J. Reader from Clemson. He has great athleticism, strength, and size that could eventually replace Soliai for us. Unlike Bullard, his first step is not always good, in fact it is very bad a lot of the time witch his first step either being straight up and down and sideways allowing the blocker to impose their will on him, but when he gets his step right he is truly dominant. I've only watched his game against Oklahoma and he can put offensive lineman on their butts if he is fast off of the ball. 


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Now imagine how much better the Falcons would be if they signed Danny Trevathan in free agency to play the mike. Drafted Bullard to replace Tyson Jackson to actually get some kind of a pass rush from that position. I really think as of now we have zeroed in on Braxton Miller if he is there in the second and after his 4.5 40 today I think he will be there. Every receiver Dimitroff has drafted has ran a sub 6.67 3-cone drill which is an elite time. Braxton was one of the three receivers this year to run under this mark with a 6.65. I really like him as a prospect too. Has elite athleticism and is a real student of the game that wants to be the best in the league. If Deion Jones is there in the second he can step in and be the Will next to Trevathan. In the fourth we could take Reader to sit behind a free agent like Mebane. Now this means the offensive line would need to be fixed in free agency, but I think that can be done. I'm really optimistic for this offseason and can't wait for free agency to start.

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