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Jaylon Smith...

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15 minutes ago, ScroteSquad said:

This hurts. He has the ability to be an absolute monster in Dan Quinn's defense. Maybe he will fall to our 2nd or 3rd round pick. He was my guy for our 1st round pick, but with this news.. I don't think we can justifiably take him.



you can't take him in the 1st if there is no guarantee he will come back 100% even in 2017.

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Drafting him at all is a chance that only a team stacked at LB should take IMO.

Even if he comes back next year, will he's missed an entire year of very important on-field experience/training, do he'll essentially be a rookie & likely struggle getting acclimated to things on this level. Additionally, after such a severe injury, it might take a full season with no real setbacks before he regains confidence in the leg & can get anywhere close to pre-injury form.

That means taking a guy who very possibly may not actually be a factor for 2 seasons... if ever again.

That's not a gamble we can take IMO.

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14 minutes ago, Romfal said:

he said he just started walking for a week, really can't expect him to have much movement 6 weeks after surgery

True but supposedly he can barely walk on it.


TFY Draft Insider's Tony Pauline reports that "There are a number of teams who think [Notre Dame LB Jaylon] Smith could fall into the draft's last day."

Well this is just getting depressing now. Earlier on Saturday, it was reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter and Jeff Legwold that multiple teams had failed Smith's physical on Friday and that three teams (at least) have decided they want nothing to do with the 6-foot-3, 223-pounder as he recovers from the torn ACL and MCL suffered during the Fiesta Bowl. Nerve damage has also reportedly been discovered in his knee and ankle. Pauline paints a grim scene from the weigh-in. Wrote the analyst, "Smith struggled moving the leg as well as controlling the leg. I was told it was a glum mood and there was a lot of sadness for Smith from the scouts and coaches on hand. From one source I heard, "I felt like crying for the kid.""


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