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Brave's All-Time Roster based on WAR


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Saw this today and thought it was pretty interesting.


Atlanta Braves #4

Year founded: 1871
1966-present: Atlanta Braves
1953-1965: Milwaukee Braves
1936-1940: Boston Bees
1912-1935, 1941-1952: Boston Braves
1911: Boston Rustlers
1907-1910: Boston Doves
1883-1906: Boston Beaneaters
1876-1882: Boston Red Caps
1871-1875: Boston Red Stockings

Total WAR: 819.9

C: Joe Torre (1960-1968; 33.3)
1B: Dale Murphy (1976-1990; 46.9)
2B: Bobby Lowe (1890-1901; 19.1)
3B: Eddie Mathews (1952-1966; 94.4)
SS: Herman Long (1890-1902; 35.4)
OF: Hank Aaron (1954-1974; 142.1)
OF: Chipper Jones (1993-2012; 85.0)
OF: Andruw Jones (1996-2007; 61.0)

SP: Kid Nichols (1890-1901; 108.5)
SP: Warren Spahn (1942, 1946-1964; 92.0)
SP: Phil Niekro (1964-1983, 1987; 90.0)
RP: Craig Kimbrel (2010-2014; 12.2)

Making the all-time roster for MLB’s oldest continually running franchise was no small task. To make room for the three outfielders, we shifted Dale Murphy to first base, despite his primarily playing the outfield. Murphy made 205 appearances at first base in his first two big league seasons.

Though none of them made the final cut, the trio of John Smoltz, Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine deserve to be mentioned. As teammates from 1993-2002, they combined for a 453-224 record, with 4,616 strikeouts and a 2.97 ERA.

Article with all MLB teams

An interesting comparison of Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz from the same article.

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