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What about this mock offseason?

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Let's say we release Tyson Jackson & Bryant and restructure Roddy to get $2 million back. Re-sign Clayborn, Stupar, & Shraeder. Worrilow  & Biermann if cheap. And Shayne Graham. Then we spend $8 million per year on Trevathan. $8 million per year max on Sanu (or Benjamin). Then $5 million per year on the tight end Green. Three key free agents: $21 million.


Trade back to late on the first. Pick up Dodd (or best defensive end available). Also pick up late 2nd (or I've been told a 3rd and a 5th which I reckon could yield you a late 2nd if you tried hard enough).

Middle of the second round take Su'a Cravens (or best weak side linebacker on the board).

Late 2nd round draft Cash, the safety out of Duke.

3rd round - Nick Martin, center out of Notre Dame

4th round - Colin McGovern, Guard out of Missouri


Nick Martin can compete with the little guy with the long name that starts with a G. I think Nick Martin would be the starting center to start the season and has played extremely well in Notre Dame's zone system. Also has played a little guard. McGovern could compete for a starting guard spot (with Person and Levitre) and also excelled in a zone system in college. We're good at tackle with Matthews and Shraeder. Then we bring back all three guys at running back, highlighted by Freeman and Coleman. Now at receiver you've got Julio, Sanu, Hardy, and Roddy with Tamme and Green at tight end. 

Then on defense you bring on Dodd to play defensive end. Beasley. And then you've also got Clayborn. Goodman.

At DT you'd have Hageman and Jarrett. And the guy with the weird name. Might have to draft a guy in the 7th.

At LB, Reed, Trevathan, and Cravens (or best guy available in the 2nd round). Plus Stupar, Worrilow, and Biermann.

At Safety we add Cash out of Duke. Can share time with Ishmael.


Assuming your rookie offensive linemen get the job done, that's a pretty good team. Next year you'd be looking for depth at defensive tackle and linebacker early. Depth at offensive tackle. Might consider drafting another receiver.



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