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Eagles release LB DeMeco Ryans


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1 hour ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

It's not speculation when the man says it out of his own mouth?  You'll see come September when they start playing for real where Barwin lines up at.

And I would elaborate further on alignment vs. scheme, but you probably think Jack Ham and Lawrence Taylor had the role in their defenses just because they were both listed as Outside Linebackers.

People often speculate when they speak.  

If Connor lines up as a LB'er and is listed on the depth chart as a LB'er,  then he is a LB'er no matter what his responsibilities are.  Just as LT and Ham were LB'ers.  At this moment in time, Connor is a LB'er.  His responsibilities might include rushing the passer, but he's a LB'er.  If you take the time to watch a little film, you will see that in the 4/3 scheme he dropped a lot more in coverage than he did in Texas where he rushed more---usually from the WILL.

You seem to be laboring under the misunderstanding that if someone is a great pass rusher, he no longer has a designated position--like OLB or DE.  That is misinformed.  JJ Watt is a great pass rusher, and he lines up all over the place, but he is still a DE.

Demeco would be a great addition.  Anyone know if he has cleared waivers?

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Schwartz shared his thoughts on some of the personnel on the roster.

On Connor Barwinicon-article-link.gif: "I think he fits real well for what we're going to do in the defensive end standpoint. He's done that in the past. He did that when he was first drafted in Houston and he had a lot of productivity there. I think most of the plays that he made were rushing the passer. I think that size-wise, effort-wise, skill set-wise, he fits well there."



Some wondered if Barwin would be traded to a team that runs a 3-4 front as he became a mainstay at outside linebacker in recent years. 

Why would Eagles want Nick Foles back?As reports surface about the Eagles interest in reacquiring Nick Foles from the Los Angeles Rams, it's hard to understand why.

Not only will Barwin likely be staying put in 2016, but he will be making a position change that he's excited for. "

"I'll be playing left defensive end," Barwin said Tuesday during a radio interview with 97.5 FM The Fanatic. "It'll be me and Brandon Graham as defensive ends. Vinny [Curry] and Graham could move inside and play 3-technique from time to time, but I'll be playing defensive end.

13:03 mark: on   Barwin.  There's also some really good football talk in the rest of the interview too.


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7 hours ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:


OK, so maybe Conner will play DE next year.  That doesn't change that he was a LB'er this year.  If he does play DE next year, will you deny that he is a DE and call him a "pass rusher"?

BTW, while he did play DE for 1 year in college, he mostly played TE---for the first 3 years.

I know you would like to be right, if only a little, but in my opinion Barwin is more valuable at LB'er.  He's a little light for a nowadays DE, but he's a heck of a LB'er.

Does this mean Philly is going after a OLB'er high in the draft?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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