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The Falcoholic: Who Should be the top free agent target for the Atlanta Falcons?


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4 hours ago, AndySG said:

Looks as if Mack is looking for the highest center contract of all time. Pass. 

I don't think we need to break the bank at C.

Tim Barnes fits what we need perfectly & is criminally overlooked, so he'll come cheap compared to Mack, Wisniewski, etc. Barnes has the athleticism to thrive in the ZBS, has NFL starting experience, has an awesome attitude & work ethic, and is only 27.

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While I would like Trevathan because he's an upgrade over Worrilow, that's still not saying much. Trevathan kind of reminds of players like Byron Maxwell or Ed Hartwell. Guys who were put in great situations and their supporting casts made them look so much better. I'm just not sure he can come in here and be the leader and captain of this defense. It's a roll of the dice for sure but no matter what, some team will pay him as if he's already proven that he's that guy. Mario on the other hand I think is a lot like John Abraham or Dwight Freeney. He's just one of those special gifted pass rushers that if used properly, can be a monster up to the age of 34 or so. 

My vote would be for Mario Williams

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To me, the interior OL is the primary weakness of this team.  It was shameful that Dimitroff and Quinn did not have an interior OL formed until "minutes" before the regular season started.  

With that said, I don't think that we have to spend wildly on interior OL's.  Ben Jones seems like a reliable upgrade.  Does anyone have good information about Bergstrom?  I hear that he is being dropped by the Raiders, as they move to a power-blocking scheme.  

On the defensive side of the ball, I would go after Jaye Howard.  He is a young, aggressive interior pass rusher that could make a great impact on our defense.  I do not have much faith in Hageman and Babs is starting entering the twilight of his career.  

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