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2016-2017 Salary Cap Update-ish


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So, lets just take a look down the rabbit hole that is keeping Horford, Millsap, etc together for the foreseeable future and what that would mean. 

2016 Salary Cap $90ish million

Hawks 2016 Salary- $58 Million

Horfords Cap Hold(needed to keep his bird rights and offer him that 5th year. Ill explain in a minute)-#16.5 million

Total Salary going into FA- 74.5 million

So what does that mean? We have 15.5 million dollars in free agency. This is the amount we can spend up to the "cap". This is where Horfords cap hold comes into play. After we spend the 15.5 million we can then sign Horford to his max contract and whatever amount he signs to over his cap hold will take us "above the cap" I believe. 

Scenario 2. Renounce Horfords rights and let him walk leaving us with $32 million in cap space. This would be dumb, IMO, because we have seen what happens when we chase superstars. 

Scenario 3. SnT Horford to a team that wants him but doesnt have the space. Acquire a bunch of expiring contracts and maybe a solid young guy or 1st round picks(Ala JJ). This would just be a way to push the can down the street for another year. Not a very good option

So lets just roll with Scenario 1. We keep Horfords cap hold and have 15.5 to spend with Bazemore and Hinrich being our only FAs. 

SFs available for around that price(Maybe we move a Korver or Tiagos expiring deal to get more relief)

Nicolas Batum

Harrison Barnes

Jeff Green

Luol Deng


Eric Gordon

Bradley Beal(very unlikely)

Gerald Henderson

Jared Dudley

Evan Fournier


Big Men


Drummond(Highly unlikely)


Jordan Hill

Tyler Zeller





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Now for Trades to help the situation here are some options/ideas. Note it might take more than this(pick wise, etc). But Im going to match player to player for salary puposes.

Teague for Aaron Afflalo

Teague for JJ Reddick

Teague for Oladipo

Teague/Filler for Wilson Chandler


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If we could somehow pull off a roster of

Schroeder/Big Ol ?



Millsap/Jordan Hill/Moose


Thatd be better. But I still dont think thats enough or anywhere close to it. **** itd be nice to have Bobby Portis instead of Moose...

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