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The official South Carolina/Nevada primary thread...

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2 hours ago, Leon Troutsky said:

This is getting very interesting, VERY fast.


Donors ask GOP consulting firm to research independent presidential bid
A group of Republicans is moving quickly to research ballot-access requirements for independent candidates in case Trump wraps up the GOP nomination next month

IOW, they're gearing up to possibly run Romney.

Edit:  Posted that before I read the article. Sorry folks!  Just what I thought.

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4 hours ago, JDaveG said:

I'll probably vote for Rubio in the primary solely for that reason -- best chance to beat Trump for the nomination.

Not my favorite, and I'd prefer to vote for Kasich, but I'd rather go on practicality in the primary.  I can always vote principle in the general.

Yep did this yesterday. Don't  particularly like Rubio and in fact its stil a very real possibility that I could vote (ugh) Hillary in the general (if the Senate remains in conservative hands a democrat in the Whitehouse might mean we'll get some moderate judges) but right now my number one goal is anyone but Trump. I still think Trump probably loses to Hillary and she's really up against it versus anyone else not named Trump/Cruz but right now its just too close for comfort.  I could honestly learn to live with Rubio . If nothing else maybe it'll help slow Trumps momentum down a little bit.

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Glad that the black vote was high in South Carolina, not happy with the person, but it is what it is.  

Trump winning will say so much about America.  I dont like Hilary and wont vote for her, but she at least fakes it.  Trump is unapologetic and open with his ignorance and picking on each minority.  He is exactly what America deserves.

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