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The official South Carolina/Nevada primary thread...

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Just now, mdrake34 said:

You pm GAfan about hillary first. 

There is no comparison. You live up his a$$ so much he should be charging you rent. At least it stays topic oriented between GAFan and I, too. You girls are all over the place and extremely personal. No one is impressed so just pm each other.

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2 minutes ago, Andras said:

There is no comparison. You live up his a$$ so much he should be charging you rent. At least it stays topic oriented between GAFan and I, too. You girls are all over the place and extremely personal. No one is impressed so just pm each other.

Sorry . . . Like I said earlier.  It's the Boat Shoes!

Edit:  Oops, I thought you were referring to mdrake and me.  Never mind.

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1 minute ago, silentbob1272 said:

I guess Hillary is more likable than Jeb, because do you really believe the GOP did not try everything possible to choose him as their candidate? It just didn't work out.

Because the GOP has spent the last seven years courting the reactionary  anti-establishment fringe. It was a matter of time before it blew up in their face. 

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56 minutes ago, dirtyhairy said:

I agree. Government also picks winners and loosers. How can GE pay no tax's on billions in earnings? 

It is called loopholes...something every big business in american can and does regularly take advantage of...... It is not a matter Picking winners and losers.

BTW our government has ALWAYS picked winners and losers...... Even in the fictional limited government days.... People of color and single women were often denied the right to own land, and the fundamental right to vote.


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3 hours ago, dirtyhairy said:

By the way Troll, Bidens son didn't die in the middle of the presidential campaign. It hadn't even started. Biden didn't do a darn thing involving the presidential race because of his son. That's as big a fallacy as Hillary wasn't annointed. You remind me of a line by Jack, "You can't handle the truth". 

He died last summer. I can believe that a grieving father based a decision of not wanting to get into the shitpit of a presidential election because he was not ready to deal with it. I never want to be in a position of defending Biden, but whatever that guy needed to do or not do to deal with what had to be crushing grief is good by me. I think what the DNC wanted or didn't want would be pretty low of his list of what to give a **** at that time.

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6 hours ago, holymoses said:

Honestly, I am disturbed and troubled by Snake's posts . . . OK, that happens a lot.  But there is something particularly troubling about where he has gone here that saddens me.  How is somebody so blinded by political ideology that they can't recognize the limitations of grief. . . even when people he has met, claimed to be friends with, point out the real challenges that grief causes. 

How dark is that place?  What is he protecting?  Who has damaged him to the extent that he totally lacks the capacity for empathy for a man he has never met and cannot possibly judge, yet disparages the very core of the man because of his political party?  To be clear, Snake, Dirty Harry, Deisel . . . is accusing Joe Biden of using the death of his son as a ruse.   To do something like that, Biden would have to be a despicable and damaged human being.




That  is exactly what I mean.. It is ok to not like a politician..... but to  essentially make fun of Biden for not running because his son died is low low class...and honestly it should be a bannable offense.

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DENIAL, symbolism, emotion. These are the pillars of modern liberalism. The GOP has its own problems like no resolve, plan, lack of strength in character. This is why Trump is winning.

For the people here still trying to use the ruse that Biden didn't run because his son died, I'd contend, and not 1 of you jack legs know the real reason, is because the DNC was throwing all it's weight behind Hillary. The DNC also knows the treasure troves of Idiotic Biden gaffes is a mile long. Joe Biden had to be hidden, put out to pasture for fear he would say something completely stupid at the worst possible time. Joe Biden is a multi loser on the presidential stage and the DNC has staged this entire election from debates to who the actual candidates would be. The bench was  so depleted of talent by Obama, that the left felt Hillary was their best shot.

Well, she is not only a bag of barf to most, she's not even likeable in her own party. Joe Biden may be pushed, shoved onto stage after Hillary gets indicted, or simply coughs herself into the hospital, but rest assured, Joe wanted to run and was stiffed armed back by his own party.

Using  emotion, the children, ones own children to sway emotion has become an art form by the left. If you use your family's drama, loss's, you are looking to sway the tide through emotion. 

We have all lost people close to us, some of us have lost children, most of us parents. That does not give us the excuse to pour our souls out in an attempt to garner sympathy. The victim mentality used by so many in this country is disgusting. Pull up your pants, get out into the day and be your dam best. Stop all the hand wringing, crying and emotional ploys to seat emotional embraces. Earn what you can and be a postive influence on those around you.


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