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Synthetic Turf Confirmed for New Stadium


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GreenFields lays the groundwork for victory as the official turf provider for Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


75,000 seats. 58-foot scoreboard. Retractable roof. To say the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA is “state-of-the-art” falls incredibly short of describing this impressive venue. For such a groundbreaking endeavor, it was important to select partners that shared the stakeholders’ desire for innovation, excellence and unrivaled quality. Scott Jenkins, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Stadium notes, “We’re trying to redefine the stadium experience…and the field plays a really important part in that…GreenFields came to us with a really innovative solution that could meet all of our needs.”

As the official turf provider for Mercedes-Benz Stadium, GreenFields USA lays the foundation for victory for today’s top performing athletes. President of GreenFields Guido Vliegen emphasizes, “Everything we do at GreenFields is research driven. We strive to make products that perform well for elite athletes, regardless of the sport.” These athletes include players from both the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC—both of which have also selected GreenFields as their official turf partner.

When it opens in 2017, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium will feature the MX® 3-STAR Turf System, a multi-layer solution consisting of MX Turf, STAR infill and TenCate ECOCEPT™ base. “The traction and other performance aspects…closely resemble natural grass. It’s phenomenal,” Vliegen says. This closeness to grass is key when it comes to safety. In fact, the GreenFields MX 3-STAR Turf System is the only infill surface that has been tested by the University of Virginia’s Center for Applied Biomechanics and has passed for its ability to act like natural turf by limiting the forces that often lead to injury.

Rich McKay, President and CEO of the Atlanta Falcons stresses, “I think they’ve produced for us a world-class field that for the NFL players is a safer surface.” Atlanta United President Darren Eales agrees, “They’ve got that ability to have traction that you need for the player, so you can make some moves. But if there is that high-intensity impact, the foot can give away like it does with grass. So for us, that’s important, because we’re looking to have every edge we can and we clearly don’t want to have any unnecessary knee or ankle injuries.”

From football to soccer to the multitude of events hosted with Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the GreenFields MX 3-STAR Turf System will stand up to it all, providing athletes, fans and the world a front row seat to the ultimate display of professional performance.



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1 hour ago, Money Lee said:

Billion dollar stadium in the south yet they can't find a way to put grass inside? 

the only way would be how arizona does it, where they roll out the field in the parking lot. I don't think there enough room to do that in downtown Atlanta. We would have severe field problems if they went with grass with so little light exposure

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