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What draft prospects would you hate to see in the NFCS?


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The year the Panthers got Star/Short I was pissed. I knew they would be a great combination. Same with Kuechly.

I can't think of any draft prospects that went to the Saints recently I was upset about. Maybe Cooks.

As a FSU fan I was pissed the bucs got Winston. Also I really wanted Ali marpet last year. In hindsight he would've been a better pick in the second than Jalen. 

This year I don't want to see Noah Spence/Hargreaves go to any of our rivals. Also, I have a bad feeling Robert Nkemdiche or a good corner like Eli Apple will fall to the Panthers. 

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6 minutes ago, Lord Sarcomere said:

Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith...unless they play for us B)

Luckily I don't see the bucs taking a linebacker and same goes for the saints. 


3 minutes ago, AndySG said:

Would hate to see the saints get one of the pass rushing DTs. 

Billings to the Saints and I'll be pissed..

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I'll absolutely hate it if Myles Jack and/or Jaylon Smith went to one of the other 3 division rivals. Possibly Noah Spence too.

I'll especially be pissed if Andrew Billings goes to one of those other NFCS teams. My college team's best player foregoes his senior season AND goes to a rival NFCS team? Ohhhhhhh haaaaaay nah! 
I fear that Smitty, down there in Tampa, will lobby for the Bucs to grab Billings to pair him with McCoy at DT and create that 'bigger and physical' dominant interior DL that he had in Jacksonville with Marcus Stroud and John Henderson.

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