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Maori Mockary

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Devin Hester
Matt Bryant
Tyson Jackson

William Moore –CUT
Justin Durant – CUT


Ryan Schraeder - PAY THE MAN!
Adrian Clayborn - Cheap and effective
Obrien Schofield - LEO
Ricardo Allen - Very solid starter, will improve more with time. 
Shayne Graham - Cheap and solid
Phillip Wheeler - Cheap vet body
Nate Stupar - ST Ace and out played worrilow at times
Paul Worrilow - Should come cheap
Jake Long - Solid back up 
Gino Gradkowski - Viable option to start at C

Free Agents

DE- Mario Williams - Plugs straight in to LE, would rotate with Adrian Clayborn. This is obviously assuming he is let go. He will take the heat off Beastley and help our Passrush immensely. If he isn't on the market we have to seriously put all our money in on Olivier Vernon.
OLB - Tahir Whitehead - Instant starter at WLB
MLB-Mason Foster - He will be cheap, the man was a machine in Tampa. Would be brought in to compete with Worrilow for that MLB spot. 
OG/OC – Ryan Wendell - One year removed from an injury, he will replace Chris chester and hold the middle of the line down and help mentor the youngens.
WR – Rishard Matthews - Flavour of the month around here so I thought why not add him. I looked at other WRs and to be fair non of them got me hard. 


1 – Jaylon Smith OLB Notre Dame - Need defensive difference makers, too good to pass on

2 – Andrew Billings  DT Baylor - The man is what we need in the middle, could be gone by our 2nd but has a 2nd round grade on most draft sites.

3- Nick Martin - C -Notre dame - Our Centre of the future, will compete for the starting spot and most likely beat out Gino

4- Karl Joseph - S - WVU - Hard hitting baller that could fall to the fourth. The man hits hard! Fast and Physical would be competing for that starting role with Ishmael

7- BPA

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Like what you did here.

However, seriously doubt that any of the picks are available other than Nick Martin.

All the other guys are great athletes and productive football players with excellent tape to back them up.

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Yep I'm with you Bro not sure if all those players fall into place draft wise but it's a mock so why not. 

If your taking Williams and Billings in this scenario I'd cut Soliai & Claybourn.Williams I'd rotate with Goodman he could spell the mentioned on running downs if needs be.

I would'nt worry about Wendall because your keeping Gradkowski,Person & your drafting Martin.

Instead of Wendall I'd replace him with either TE's Fleener Bennett or Green or G's Brooks or Allen. 

Just a query Bro where do you have Jaylon Smith playing????

Also are the only reason why your carrying so many LBers is just in case Smith isn't ready to go and you'd sit him??

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Yeah idk how likely all of that is, but it's a mock, and it's a mock that I would like.

I like all of your re-signings, I like the Mario Williams and Tahir Whitehead signings, don't know much about Ryan Wendell, and I especially love all of your draft picks.

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If we got Jaylon Smith AND Andrew Billings I would keel over in my chair, but it won't happen. Both are top 15 talents, I'm not sure we get even one of them let alone both.

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