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Robert Alford highlights

ike barn87987

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Guy looks so good sometimes.....His bonehead plays are just headscratchers though. At his best he's as good as Tru, at his worst I think dumb rookie. Make no mistake I'm glad to have him but, I'd like him to consistently play up to his potential instead of just solid with the occasional boom or bust.

3rd times the charm Rock, this is your year.

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Alford has came along basically as I expected. He came from a very small school against less then stellar competition and has been expected to learn on the job when he obviously would have benefited from being brought along slowly.

Throughout his entire career he has been picked on opposite the much more pro ready Trufant and despite early struggles, that he did not let get in his head, he has steadily improved. Hopefully he can have a breakout year next season alongside Trufant.


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On 2/16/2016 at 11:36 AM, quickzero said:

Anyone else especially excited about our secondary? Tru, Alf, Allen, Collins, Therezie, Ishmael. That's a lot of talent to work with. We still need CB depth and a stud safety to pair with Therezie or Allen but those guys are fast and talented. 

Oh yes! I am excited about that and our future defense shaping up. What I'm not excited about is this south pole offense shanahan can't do.

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